6:40AM: Ew.

Ohh, I have not woken up this early in a while…I am covering Jess’s shift at the VIC, so I have four hours to sit around here, drink coffee, read the paper, read my Amy Sedaris book, listen to music, read blogs, and dance like no one’s watching (erm, no one is watching…)

I’m starting to have a real bone to pick with Tim Hortons. Now, I want them to be good. I want them to be as great as the SR725 location. That Tim Hortons always serves me my food piping hot and right on time. I have visited the Bowling Green TH’s a total of five times since it first opened in late November. This morning was probably the speediest time, but when asked if I wanted cream in my coffee, I said “Yes please, some half & half.” I think she thought that meant I wanted a half cup of coffee, and a half cup of creamer. This morning’s cup of coffee was a very creamy light brown. Is it really that hard, Tim Hortons? Really? Tim Hortons, listen, I’m not trying to make fun of you. I just want you to be the best speedy bakery that you can be. I know you can do it. You can!


So, I got The Virginian by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends (great band name, by the way.) It’s lovely. It’s interesting to hear her voice being backed up by male vocals with the thick, twangy country music. It’s a nice medium between her work with The New Pornographers and her solo work. I kind of want to be friends with Neko Case, in my mind she would be a really awesome friend. Here’s a really great performance on World Cafe. And once again, I think that emusic.com is a pretty great service. I never thought that I would subscribe to a pay service for music, but I get 40 downloads a month for only $10, plus most of the music on the site is released on independent labels.

Tomorrow evening, our group of friends is having another potluck. I really love these potlucks, because 1. I get to hang out with all of my friends, 2. I get a home-cooked (sort of) meal, and most importantly, 3. I get to show off some recipe that has been recently handed down to me. I feel very blessed to come from the family that I have. The women in my family are caring and passionate, they are wonderful cooks, and most importantly, strong women. I am so lucky to have been raised among these hard-headed, intelligent women. My mother, grandmothers, aunts, and older cousins are all well-educated in both areas of the home, and in academics. How many women can say that they are the fourth generation of women to attend college? I am so privileged to come from a family that has taught me the importance of being a strong woman.

Corey and I took a drive yesterday afternoon. We went out to see the windmills, and as always, I am in awe of their size. On the way back, we talked about future stuff–something that I have been notoriously known to try to ignore. The more I thought about it, the more scared I got, until I was literally nauseous. (See why I usually ignore it?) As Seth always tells me, “things will eventually come crashing into place.” I can only hope.


2 responses to “6:40AM: Ew.

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    FYI, Emily-In the future there will be robots. They kind of freak me the fuck out.

    Also, I’m lookin’ forward to your contribution to tomorrow night as well…Now I must go track down a good recipe for Ranch Chicken!

  2. Thanks to you I have paid no attention to my spanish lecture. It will not be my fault when the mexicans take over and I do not know the language anymore.

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