At 9:45AM, I am still the only one in the Student Organization Suite. It’s so quiet and I have my music on (not in my headphones!) It’s such a nice break from the usual yelling and singing and obnoxious Fergie music from the Dance Marathon people. I almost wish I had some work to get done, because for once I would be able to concentrate.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time away from the apartment. This is good in that I am not sitting around watching MTV, however most of the time I am just over at Corey, Mike and Grant’s watching them play Madden for the Wii. (Sometimes they let me play bowling.)

My classes are all going well so far. I ended up dropping Arts Management II, because 1. I didn’t take Arts Management I yet, and 2. even though it was a class offered through the Department of Theatre and Film, the main focus of the class was how to put on an art show. I picked up Jose’s Video III class (even though I have not taken Video II.) Now my course load is very TCOM-heavy.

History of Ohio: My minor obsession with the state of Ohio has insured this class to be pretty interesting. I have already somehow made my name known to the professor without introducing myself, and every time he says “Dayton,” I want to pump my fists in the air. 9-3-7 D-Y-T represent.

History of Dinosaurs: during Wednesdays class, Dr. Don (as I have affectionately nicknamed him) talked about the scientific method for fifty minutes. I made a nice to do list and organized my planner. I’m going to get a lot done during the lecture portion of this class.

Writing for Electronic Media: I love this class already. My teacher reminds me of my Aunt Becky. She’s very nice, and I can tell that she is also extremely knowlegeable.

Video III: Jose’s class. Love it.

German Film: I like my teacher so far, and have heard good things about him, but my general lack of German history education may prove to be a handicap in this class. I also really dislike watching feature length silent films. (I know, I know.)

Practicum in Professional Television Production: My other Jose class. This one is going to be really fun; our assignments are all to make things to be aired on PBS. We’ve already picked groups, and I am working with Stevesy, Corey, and Tom. Jose joked about giving each group a call name. We took this to heart and chose Iceman, mostly so that we can bite the air after we say it. Oh HEYY Val Kilmer!

(also, when Google Image Searching “Iceman Top Gun,” I found this picture:

I just really wanted everyone to see that. Because I was really creeped out. Thank you Google Image Search, you always give me the best pictures.

Today in class we talked about Kelleys Island in Erie County. I, being the Ohio-loving nerd that I am looked it up as soon as I got out of class and to a computer. I want to go up and see the glacial grooves. Anyone care to join?


4 responses to “Iceman

  1. What’s really sad is that when the teacher asked everyone who had been to Kelley’s Island, I could almost feel your disappointment at not having been there. And I didn’t even have to turn around.

  2. brilliant. I am once again driving up to the clevland area sunday morning.

    I am so well traveled around the state of ohio.

    I hope one of your exams is stand in front of the class and recite all the counties.

  3. Dustin Meadows!

    That sounds like a damn good time. If there’s room, I’d tag along for it.

  4. Oh yeah, I’m always up for glacier grooves!

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