Candice’s latest crafty endeavors have lead us to create a new blog.

Visit frequently for updates on our trip into the domestic wilderness. Today we made Jell-O fruit.


3 responses to “

  1. 2007 is all about being crafty.

    Well, for you and Candice, at least. but I think my creation of dismembered Barbie dolls and wood carvings of Shakespeare could possibly count as crafty, too. Thoughts?

  2. lean cuisine tip! try the baked chicken with stuffing and “whipped” potatoes 🙂


  3. yes la does frequently randomly catch on fire. its a little scary. whats even scarier is that the last big one was by the ocean. by the ocean! the ocean and places near it arnt supposted to catch fire. the oceans a big puddle of water that stops fire. haha yes yes anyways, spontaneous combustion is just part of life.

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