whaddado, whaddado

Somehow Mick and I fit about everything that we both own into the Honda on Tuesday. We arrived in Athens and unpacked his share of our cargo. Soon after, I met Amy at WalMart so that she could get a few groceries. There are some new Lean Cuisine meals, so Amy bought a few. And also ice cream bars. Without thinking, we then spent the rest of the day running errands and letting the frozen food thaw (and in the case of the ice cream bars, melt.) Mick joined us for dinner at the Court Street Diner, and halfway through dinner, I realized that we had not put the frozen food in the freezer yet. Went like this:

Me: Can we get some ice cream after this?
Amy: Yeah!
Amy: (while clapping hands) YAY!! (looks over and sees my face) NOO!!

We went to Lollipops instead.

On Wednesday I started up SR33 to Lancaster to see my good friend Sarah, who I had not seen in ages. We got some lunch and she gave me a short tour of the Lancaster Campground, where her brother and April now live. It’s a really neat place.

I’m back in Bowling Green. I’m not exactly situated yet–I have not taken my sheets out of my trunk yet, so I’ve been sleeping in Candice’s bed, and my room is littered with (clean) laundry. I also need to buy milk so that I can enjoy the box of Honey Oh!s I bought at WalMart on Wednesday night.

In grocery store adventures, I have found a new favorite Lean Cuisine meal. I am usually leery of any frozen chicken product that claims to be anything but grilled, but I took my chances with the Cafe Classics’s Sesame Chicken. And OH IS IT DELICIOUS! Trying to stick with the resolution to “cook for myself more,” I decided that reheating pre-cooked and flash-frozen meals counted as cooking for myself. Costing me $2.62, I spent way less on this meal than when I go to KFC, and it is also much healthier. Anyway, I highly recommend the product.

Wednesday night I felt the power of the Wii for the first time. I played only Wii Sports, and made a Mii, but I can already feel myself wanting to buy one. Grant has the Zelda game, and I want to play it in the worst way. It’s bad news.

My shifts at the VIC have started back up, and have so far been pretty slow and enjoyable. The microphone at the window somehow broke today when I was helping a visitor, so I have to yell through the little slidey door. But, I’ve had a chance to listen to lots of music. On the top of my favorites list right now is Kimya Dawson’s “i’m sorry that sometimes i’m mean.” She also recorded a split EP with Matty Pop Chart that is also pretty good. Her music is fun and light, and I enjoy listening to it while at works. Kudos to Amy for sending it my way. Today after work I am using some of my downloads from emusic.com (which, is a service that I adore) to get “#3” by Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. Yay music.

Speaking of Amy again, yesterday we made tentative plans to go to Los Angeles in March. I’ll have to miss two days of classes, but I think that interviewing for internships is a reasonable excuse. (Especially since the classes I will be missing are mostly for my major and minor, which are both in the field that I plan on interning in.) Also speaking of Amy again, I believe that I am going down to Columbus to see Children of Men with her this evening. Marie and Stevesy might come, too.

I broke dress code at work today, and didn’t realize until I had already been here for an hour. I wore my new Nebraska sweatshirt, and we are not allowed to wear “clothing that represents other colleges.” Go Huskers?


2 responses to “whaddado, whaddado

  1. the ice cream bars are re frozen and in thier normal state… they are not shaped like the package like you predicted.

    ohh the joys of perservatives…

    i am a huge fan of kimya, she had a baby a not too long ago and there has been a lack of new music for a while. But she is started to get some new stuff out. WHOOOOOOOO.

  2. Did you try the switch that is connected to the microphone? The one next to the volume control? Usually if the mic is broken, that switch has been turned off. Haha. Also, I don’t think anybody would notice if you wore another college sweatshirt–it’s not like anybody goes out there. Seriously, when I was working the other day, I had like 2 people come in.

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