end of the year list, clarie’s, guns

As promised, Uncle Tim took us to the shooting range. We all had a pretty rad time. If we were not shooting, then we were sitting in fear watching a man two tables down shoot round after round after round from his handgun, and being on target every time. Normally he would not have phased us, but he just looked so angry. There was also a man in an electric wheelchair who was exercising his second amendment right. I never thought I would ever see a man in a wheelchair carting around a rifle. The most impressive thing about him was watching him drive a minivan. Tim also took us out on the shotgun range, which was also pretty fun. I was sore for almost two days from the kickback on that gun. Yay guns!

Other things I have done over the past few days: drank coffee and dogsat.

Candice came down on Friday night to hang out and get some free Subway and walk around The Greene. At The Greene (or, as I like to call it, Easton Jr.) we dealt with a very obnoxious assistant manager with a staring problem at Claire’s. While in the store for about fifteen minutes, I was informed no less than three times that all earrings were buy two and get the third pair free, and that “the sale” included all earrings in the store, earring backs, and rings. For anyone who is not a frequent shopper at Claire’s, that isn’t a sale, that’s just actually the way they are always priced. She did not appreciate that we pointed out the ridiculousness of many of their items. ie: felt reindeer antler headband with stringy black curly fake hair attached, although I am starting to think that this accessory was just a wonderful dream, I cannot find a picture of it anywhere.

It’s the last day of 2006, and as always, it hasn’t hit me. Because every year I seem to be missing this feeling that so many people apparently have about the new year, I am starting to think that I should pay less attention to the actual date of January 1st. Over the past few years, I have really come to love CBS Sunday Morning, especially their end of year special. I think it has fantastic commentary on the year. Every year they do a “Hail and Farewell” as Charles Osgood pays homage to many of the great people who have passed on over the past year. I watched this this morning and wept.

Anyway, my end of the year list. I’ve been reading a lot of these on blogs and message boards, and I’ve always had a hard time with listing things in order, especially when they span the past 365 days. So, you will not get to hear my picks for music of the year and movie of the year. Here is my list:

Best Times of 2006:
(in sort of chronological order)

  • Seeing The New Pornographers open for Belle & Sebastian with Matt in Louisville
  • Trying to ride all of the elevators on campus in one night
  • “Hot Summer Days”
  • Spending the night in Candice and Meg’s room on the last night of school in May, listening to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in the dark, and singing every word, and Leaving my no-good futon in the courtyard of the Rodgers Quadrangle with a sign that simply read “FREE: JUST TAKE IT”
  • Working as a camp counselor for the Girl Scout Challenge and Change program
  • Several trips to Athens
  • Quitting my job at DSW
  • The Ohio State Fair (this one always makes the list)
  • Riding in the back of Mike’s truck late one night in August, realizing the majesty of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Decorating my first apartment in the most ridiculous way
  • Riding in the back of Mike’s truck late one night in August, realizing the majesty of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • The rise of themed parties (This includes Trashy Prom, BisCasFri, The Rock and Roll Party, The Red Party, Party at the Moon Tower, and Halloween)
  • Finding out that Grace was going to be alright
  • Seeing Ben Kweller four times
  • Making the BITCHSLAP movie
  • Two trips to Grand Rapids
  • Realizing that I have created a new family from my friends, and feeling loved by all of them
  • Family get-togethers
  • A trip to Delta
  • UFO Benefit show
  • The lights at the zoo
  • Winter breaking with no real plans

There you have it. My most memorable times of 2006.

Now I am going to eat some Trader Joe’s Mac and Cheese, as recomended by the ladies of Heat. Eat. Review.


2 responses to “end of the year list, clarie’s, guns

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    That picture of you with the gun is pretty classy. PS-Once you’re back in BG you should swing by and pay a visit to the FratCave.

  2. I’m living over at Campbell Hill with some friends from the station. Should be a good time.

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