Break: Days 8-11

I found a new Wikipedia article today to add to my “Favorite Wikipedia Articles.”

List of Objects Dropped on New Year’s Eve


Fan Death (My #1 favorite, I go back and reread it a lot.)
Ohio State Fair

On to more “What Emily Does Over Break” updates:

Day 7, Christmas Eve:

  • Sat and read at Starbucks for a while (#1 activity of the break)
  • Braved Best Buy and Borders for the second day in a row
  • Saw The Pursuit of Happyness with my family and grandparents. Got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards. We were all stuffed, and almost everyone brought home a big box of food with them.
  • Opened presents (I finally have my own suitcase!)
  • Watched more songs scrobble on my page

Day 8, Christmas:

  • Sat around with my parents and enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada. The weirdest thing about that is my dad was the one who insisted that we watch it, and he also enjoyed it the most.
  • Headed to Al and Lydia’s house, where the Berens clan gathered.
    • Watched the “little” (everyone under college-age) cousins open gifts
      • Annual wrapping paper fight happens at this time, while the kiddies open their presents.
    • “Adult” gift exchange (not adult gifts, the adults gave gifts.)
      • I got a mug with a quasi-creepy face on it. I like it a lot, and it will hold pencils on my desk.
    • Second cousins came, including Brian and his new wife, Heather, who were in from Colorado. I like her a lot, I’m glad she’s family now.
    • Listened to two unnamed uncles talk (in all seriousness) about how when/if there is a nuclear strike against the country, the family will gather together at one of these unnamed uncle’s home. Also that ammunition will be used as currency. This was my favorite part of Christmas.
    • Listened to an unnamed drunk aunt carry on about how “smokin’ hot” George Clooney is, and how sad she was that his pet pig recently died.
    • Looked at photos with my BFF cousin, Sarah

(Anyone wanting more information on the Berens Family Christmas Freak Show, just ask.)

  • Drove to Athens with Amy at 11PM to turn her heat back on.
    • This was a delightful little trip. Amy and I got two hours of quality time on the way to Athens, then sat and watched a few episodes of Next and played with her new computer (mostly with Photobooth.)

Day 9, Boxing Day:

  • Drove back from Athens, more quality time with Amy
  • Sat around for a long time, watching scrobbling
  • Went out to see The History Boys with Amy. I enjoyed this flick a lot. I’d like to see it again sometime soon.
    • I thought that Samuel Barnett was fantastic. I hope to see him in many more roles.

Day 10, The day after Boxing Day:

  • Sat and read some more.
  • Walked around the mall for a while, ran into Danetta and chatted
  • Got some lunch with Ratie
  • Had to deal with Bandit, the Devil Dog.
    • I am currently dog sitting for a family, and their 5 pound Yorkie mix is one of the meanest things I’ve ever dealt with. After more than an hour, I got him to go outside to go to the bathroom, but not before getting bitten…a lot.
  • Val is in town. We went to Skyline in her honor.
  • Got an unexpected phone call from Matthew Wagner: they were coming down from Lancaster to visit. Two hours later, April, Matthew, and Seth were in Dayton. I had not seen any of them in a long while, and it was a very pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow my Uncle Tim is taking the older cousins out to a shooting range to play with his guns. Had the invitation come from anyone but Tim, I would have politely declined. Jazz musician + guns + nature + my family = a good time.

2 responses to “Break: Days 8-11

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    I kinda wish his name was Uncle Tom. That’d be great.

  2. Hey, no worries about move-in, but I do appreciate the offer. I got a couple friends coming up from back home and then Tom and Steve are gonna be giving me a hand.

    Also, you should swing by once you’re back in BG again. The ladies of Frazee have an open invitation to the Fratcave forever.

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