Break: Days 5 & 6


  • Lunch with Grandma and “The Grandgirls” (Josie, Sarah, and I)
  • Nice, long nap
  • Dinner and gossip with Centerville Woodbourne Troop #1087
    • Congrats to Laura and Jenni on their engagements!


  • Braved the mall area (Dayton Mall, Best Buy, Circuit City, Half Priced Books, Target)
  • Had Taco Bell for the first time in months with Merek
  • Ran into an old friend from church
  • Hung out at my cousins’ for a while
    • Aunt Becky gave me a sneak-peak at the cookbook my grandmother has been putting together for the past six months. It is a large compilation of our family recipes. Also included was a short history of my Great Great Grandmother.
  • Ventured back to the mall area for a trip to Borders
  • Contemplated having the words “FAITH, FAMILY, COUNTRY” tattooed somewhere on my body; it was quickly ruled out
  • Saw The Good Shepherd with Amy
    • Matt Damon’s performance was excellent. I wish he would have been a little bit older.
    • Lee Pace (of Wonderfalls fame) was also very, very good.
    • Alec Baldwin did not charm me as much as he did in The Departed, or his role on 30 Rock, but I enjoyed him nonetheless.
    • Joe Pesci’s age shocked me. I think that he had some great dialogue, though. He said: “We Italians have our families and The Church. The Irish have their homeland […]”

And so tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Merek and I discussed for a little while, and we both agree that it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas this year. Both of us are unsure why. I think by tomorrow we will both be a little more in the spirit.

I apologize for these somewhat boring entries. I know that I simply compile the things I’ve done over the days. Maybe I’ll make some “Best of 2006” lists.

2 responses to “Break: Days 5 & 6

  1. i was imdb last night looking at some of the posts about the movie… there was a lot that made a ton more sense after reading it.

    i want to go watch the movie again now.

  2. best of 2k6! do it up right!

    congratulations on the deans list, dude! I’m proud of you, as per usual 🙂

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