Break: Day 3

Today was much more busy. The run-down:

  • Woke up early and finished Queen of the Oddballs by Hillary Carlip. Funniest book I read all year. As I was reading it yesterday at Starbucks, I laughed out loud multiple times while reading. I recommend it to anyone who likes memoirs about ordinary people with extraordinary situations arising in their lives. I sent a message her way, and have already received a response. I like her. I want to be friends with her. I’m a creep.

  • Started into The Screwtape Letters.
  • Headed over to CHS to see Mr. Barry Peters. We chatted for a while about what I was up to, his classes, what movies we have seen. Both of us agreed that Jackass 2 was very entertaining. He almost started crying he was laughing so hard just thinking about it. I recommended that he see The Departed, and I told him that I thought it was the best movie of the year. He says he will see it.
  • Noticed that there is now a mirror in our garage that used to be in the bathroom. Took a picture of myself in it.
  • Got coffee with Daniel. There’s a new cafe open down by UD, and they have reasonably priced coffee and free popcorn.
  • Went to Trivia Night at Harrigan’s with my father and little brother. Dad drank a few beers. Let’s not forget how fun Alan is after a few beers. (File Photo) Eventually would do anything Merek and I told him to do. This includes an acapella version of “Dog Pound Hop” (the Ren and Stimpy theme song) that sounded nothing like it, and also the Pee Wee Herman dance when the DJ played “Tequila.” For anyone unfamiliar with this dance, see below:

I wonder what great adventure will be in store for me tomorrow afternoon. Target maybe? More sitting at a coffee shop alone reading? I can only hope.

One response to “Break: Day 3

  1. As I sit at work, begging to shred or make copies or do anything semi-useful, I find myself crazy jealous of your unemployedness. ENJOY!

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