More news on the Jell-O front: Dad has bought black cherry flavored Jell-O, and according to Mick, “it’s awesome.”

We are still baffled at my father’s sudden obsession with Jell-O.

I am looking forward to seeing the family this week. Dad and I will probably sit around, watch Caddy Shack, and eat Jell-O. Maybe Jaws will be on, or if I’m lucky, Vacation. He loves those movies, and drops everything to watch the edited versions of them on television. Mom will drag me through Target, asking my opinion on towels and bathmats. Mark and I will most likely drive around and walk through discount stores. Michael and I will bicker about who gets to use the car. (He will win.)

Who is going to be in Bowling Green over the holiday break?


3 responses to “Jell-O

  1. I LOVE black cherry jell-o! It rules the world! Your dad is right on.

    Tell Michael that he needs to let you use the car. As an added bonus, if he lets you use the car, you will go away for an entire day to Lancaster.

  2. It’s me again. I was just checking on my friend’s blog, and I somehow thought of you. He rants about things like the smoking ban, too, although today’s entry focused on the stupid law in NYC banning trans-fat. *rolls eyes* Anyway, you should check it out:

    I love people who rant. It’s our right. It’s fun. And it leads to arguments, which are also fun.


  3. I move into the Frat Cave on either the 28th or the 29th, so I’ll be around and I believe Grant and Steve were going to come back early (unless something has changed since last night when I talked to them).

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