Last weekend of the semester.

I just got news from home: my father won’t stop making and eating Jell-O. Michael said that he came home today at lunch time to finish off a bowl he had made last night, and to put a new one in for after work. Michael and I assume that Jell-O was on sale this week at Kroger. I guess he bought a lot of it. It’s also my mother’s birthday.

My letter to the editor got published in Friday’s BG News. My mom is proud, I’ve gotten positive comments about it.

Marie turned 21 this weekend, and Amy, Nichole, and Katy came up to visit in honor of her. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of ridiculous-ness.

Chris, Corey, and Joey spent the night last night. I love mornings after our sleepovers. We all sit around and talk. This morning’s topic: the Airbud movies. The 7th (Airbuddies) comes out tomorrow on DVD.

My clothing smells like Subway. I don’t understand how every other place that feeds you garbage (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc.) never makes your clothes stink, but the Subway smell, where I am told that I “Eat Fresh” always sticks around.


3 responses to “Last weekend of the semester.

  1. Well put, Miss Berens. Perhaps you’d like a position in the Meadows!/Messer administration come 2020?

  2. Stephen L. Hildreth

    There we go. I updated my blog. Also, I think people were talking about your op ed in one of my classes last week. They were being dicks and what not. But they work for BG 24, so they suck. (They’re also one of the reasons I want to keep Videobank going. Because it takes away money from BG24. Muhahahahaha…ha.) I, on the other hand, enjoyed it. Good work E-to the-bizza B-to the-…I’m not black.

  3. sweet comment stephen


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