Womak’s Farewell Tour

I changed my schedule around. I dropped my Springboard class, and picked up German Film. I am surprisingly excited about that class.

Work today has been slow (as it usually is before 8:00AM). When I got here, the stadium lights were on, and everything else was dark. It was a treat.

I got an A on my “Sex in the Postfeminist City” paper. I was worried.

Jose gave me some good feedback on my budget and proposal for his class, and he thinks that I should shoot Flea Market. I think I might. I need a crew…?

I’m still very upset that the smoking ban passed. Last night was the last time that I will leave a bar in Ohio smelling like smoke. While this makes a lot of people very happy, I will miss the smell of LIBERTY in my jacket. Do I like smoking? No, not really. But as a non-smoker, and believer in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I say a big fat no to smoking bans. Smoking in a privately owned establishment should be the choice of the business owner. Now I’m waiting for the fatty food ban, and the eventual outlaw of cigarettes all together. Goodbye personal freedoms, it was nice knowing you.

My Wednesday night was spent celebrating the end of my Fall semester. The Projector staff met at BW3. (Sadly, John was unable to make it.) After a meal with the staff and Angel, Kyle took me down to The End Zone (a hotel bar that features karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday night.) Josh Womack celebrated his 24th birthday and end of a great run at BGSU. Did he sing Van Halen’s “Jump” without a shirt on? Yeah. He did. High kicks? Check. Were strobe lights involved? Uh-huh. Did I want to cry because I am going to miss him? You bet.

ZOX played at Howard’s, and we were a bit late, so we missed the first half of their show. I am extremely disappointed that I missed “Anything But Fine,” but they played some new songs, and the new album seems very promising.

Good things are coming this weekend. Two of my very best friends from home are coming up to (and also Katy, who is not from home, but a good friend, anyway.) A Christmas party with good friends at Kyle’s, and Marie’s birthday at our place. Hopefully our neighbors won’t call the BG police with a noise complaint.


4 responses to “Womak’s Farewell Tour

  1. Dustin Meadows!

    I concur whole heartedly on the ridiculousness of the smoking ban. Amerika has taken a turn for the worse and it makes me sad…

    ps-I love that someone besides me peruses marriedtothesea.com on a regular basis.

    pps-I’ll help out with “Flea Market” even if all I do is hold coffee for someone.

  2. marriedtothesea4ever!!

    GD Little Man!!

    Some of my best friends are coming up this weekend too! Hopefully we can swing by and join part of the festivities. ps you’re my favorite republican šŸ™‚

  3. I ranted about the smoking ban myself. Plus, everyone keeps talking about how this will affect bars/restaurants. But do you realize that it affects EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS. Even Heston’s! Sorry, Bill, even though none of the other eight employees really gave a hang that you were smoking back in your corner, kiss it goodbye. Sorry, Jan, no more smoking while reading our paper and drinking our coffee. Sorry, Dave, no more trying to sneak a smoke when you think I’m not paying attention; no more getting kicked in the shins when you realize I am.

    It makes me MAD.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now.

    PS I still want to visit you! Even if I have to go to Dayton instead of BGU!

  4. Stephen L. Hildreth

    you know, i agree with you on the smoking ban, eventhough im pretty cigarettes are killing me at this point.

    If you really do want to shoot Flea Market (which I agree with Jose on that idea) I think we should. It’s really not an overly complicated script. Heck, we could shoot in a weekend, maybe four days if we do the prepro well.

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