Marie and I are spending the afternoon watching Double Dare 2000 on Nickelodeon GAS. I forgot how infuriating it is to watch, and know that I could be completing the physical challenges that they can’t seem to accomplish.

This weekend Marie took us to Delta, her hometown. We were elves at her Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas lunch. All afternoon I took pictures of little kids sitting on Santa’s lap, informing Santa that his moustache was falling off, and putting up with a tyrannical middle-aged woman who was in charge of telling people when to go sit on Santa’s lap. It doesn’t sound it, but it was very enjoyable. It was very much worth the hot dog that I was paid. Marie’s parents treated us to dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant. Karen (Marie’s mother) played with the cats and entertained us with the new hats she bought for them. (Luna, Stella)

Classes are coming to a very quick end, and the impending doom of exam week is setting in. One thing that is keeping me going: the semesterly trip to Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet. We are also going to the lights at the Toledo Zoo.


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