"Emily, they’ll follow your lead by the letter"

Thanksgiving break was a very nice vacation from Bowling Green. I got a few things done at home, and saw friends and family. Thanksgiving dinner ended with half of the family sitting around a fire in my cousin’s backyard. After most everyone left, Paul, Sarah, my brothers and I went to see Borat: Cultural Leanings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I enjoyed it.

Friday night the whole family got together again for pizza at Aunt Ann’s house. The girl cousins played cards while the boy cousins fought over who got to play the next game of Halo. I’d rather play Uno any day of the week.

Amy and I also got to see Christopher Guest’s latest film, For Your Consideration forgiven because 1. Fred Willard, and 2. Fred Willard with a , which I loved. (That’s unfair, because anything with that cast I will absolutely adore.) At some points, I wished that they had made it in his usual mockumentary style, and I almost feel like they did originally and changed mid-shooting. A lot of the shots were handheld, and I thought that the sections with Fred Willard were a little awkward. That section of the movie was completely forgiven because 1. Fred Willard, 2. Fred Willard with a fohawk, and 3. Fred Willard dressed as Sherlock Holmes with a giant magnifying glass.

I’ve also got my paws on two new delectable little musical gems: Ys by Joanna Newsom, and Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens. I have been listening to Songs for Christmas pretty much non-stop for the past few days. I feel like he has given his fans a fun little present (that I only had to pay 16.99 for!) The little box came complete with a sheet of stickers, a song book, a “family portrait” (is that really his wife and kids? anyone know?) oh, and five CDs full of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas, Sufjan. I haven’t really sunk my teeth completely into Ys yet, but the first track is long and beautiful, and it’s called “Emily.” I need to take another long listen. I love my harp-playing elf!

UFO Benefit show is Thursday night. I’m very excited to hear a night of good music, and know that my $5 is going toward supporting student film making. It’s at 9P at Howard’s. Who’s playing? The Tapes, Pseudobook, Joey Catullo, Nate Cogan, A Friend of Mabels, and One Nation Under.
/shameless advert.

2 responses to “"Emily, they’ll follow your lead by the letter"

  1. I read your lil’ script. I liked it.

  2. Thanks, Joel.

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