In addition to the usual “I am thankful for my family and friends” I am going to add that I am thankful for my education, living in a country where I can pursue the livelihood I choose, my health, and all of the general goodness that has been put into my life in the last year. I have no right to ask for anything more.

Things at home are still pretty slow. Like every holiday, my father decided that it was a good time for a home improvement project. Mark and I were woken up fairly early (for it being a holiday) and told to put on our shoes and meet him in the roof. About an hour later, Mark and I were (reluctantly) up on the roof. Dad was in a fairly good mood considering we had not made it out on the roof yet, and he is usually in a bad mood if he is working on any sort of improvement project (he is not handy.) I soon realized why he was in such a good mood: moments before, he had opened Michael’s window from outside, poked the leaf blower into his room, aimed at my sleeping brother, and turned it on. Yelling ensued, my father’s hysterical laughter/crying also ensued. The rest of the time on the roof, he thought it was very funny to point the blower at his good helper children (opposed to his bad sleeping child) and laugh as our hair and clothes flew around. While on the roof, Mark sat picking at the roofing, I danced and teased the neighbors’ dogs from over the fence.

Consumerism overtook Amy and I yesterday as we wandered the aisles of Target. We stumbled upon the holiday aisle and found lots of fun goodies packaged especially for the holidays, and neither of us could resist buying at least something from the area. I stumbled upon two Christmas flavors of Jones Soda: egg nog and super plum. The sugar plum was very tasty, but I have yet to untwist the cap on the egg nog flavor. But why wouldn’t I like it? I love egg nog, and have yet to try a Jones Soda flavor that I did not enjoy (this includes the chocolate flavor.)

Countdown to Berens Family Thanksgiving: 2 hours

4 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, E-Bizzle.

    You forgot to be thankful for your tail.

    PS-Your dad may be one of the funniest people that I’ve never really met.

  2. Do you happen to recall which photo was on your bottle of Sugar Plum soda?

    P.S. I liked the Chocolate Fudge too (they retired it! Bah!).

  3. Aren’t families the greatest invention ever?

    At least you have good weather for whatever-it-was you were doing on the roof. Being on the roof is kind of fun, I think.

    Merry Thanksgiving, E-squared, a little late. I do hope you’ll come visit soon!!!

  4. Cassandra-
    It was a picture of a girl sitting on her lawn between a light-up Star of David and a menora (sp?)

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