clap your hands

I had another wonderful weekend. I had Friday off from work, and I spent the entire day with friends. Friday night my neighbor from freshmen, Jacky, year invited us over for an early Christmas party, and we got to see Becky, as well as Pete and Jeff. We also had people over that night. Jacky, Becky, Pete, and Jeff did not come over for that.

Our apartment has become a gathering place for all of our friends. This is odd, seeing that of all our friends, we have the smallest apartment. I guess my room mates and I are just that great.

Meg and Kyle enjoy cheese (Kraft Singles) and wine (from a box)

Saturday evening Corey, Matt, Meg, Mike, and I went to church at St. Al’s. Every week I enjoy that church more; I’m very glad that Steve brought me to a Catholic church in the area that I feel good in. Before mass, a woman stood in front of the congregation and greeted us. She said “Welcome. We are glad that you are here.” I doubt that she even thought twice about saying it, but it was very heartfelt and I believed that she was glad that we were there.

In a few minutes my room mates and I are heading downtown to reserve an apartment. We’ve decided on Campbell Hill. Frazee 14 is a great location, but there is simply not enough room for the four of us. Marie and Candice are sharing the large room, and Meg and I will get the other two rooms. I’m already excited to move in (in August…)

I have one more class until I can go home for Thanksgiving. My Texas cousins are in town; I can’t wait to see Grace! My father told me last night that she is doing very well after her surgery back in September.

Also, anyone hear about this? Oh giant media conglomerates, when will you stop fighting?

i love clap your hands say yeah.

3 responses to “clap your hands

  1. Wow, I wasn’t under the impression that anybody actually ate Kraft Single and drank boxes wine last night. I thought it was just something we had joked about… Leave it to Meg and Kyle, eh?


  2. That’s right Matt. WE DID have wine and cheese. Meg and I are just too classy for you. Nevermind the fact that we were eating processed American cheese and a wine called Sunset Blush.

  3. so that picture of the one guy…the one with the lamp in the background…well the lamp looks like its comming out of his head. its crazy. i love it. its like some crazy metal christmas tree.

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