Moonsik <3

Editing was amazing today. Moonsik played our chroma-keying projects, and then he gave us presents (candy). He was very jolly, and he let us out of our two hour class an hour and half early.

I did something bad today: went to the craft store. I managed to buy only two odd postcards (they feature generic animal photos and the words “HELLO FROM BOWLING GREEN, OHIO” stamped on the top), and some yarn. I’m already a few inches into my next scarf.

OU this weekend was amazing. I saw Amy, my brother, Nichole, and a few other surprises from Centerville (namely Phil Clark.) The ride there and back were pretty fun as well. We stopped at Sonic in Nelsonville, and listened to The Boss. Candice relieved me for the final leg of the trip, and we were back with time to spare before Candice’s newspaper meeting.

me, mick: berens siblings

I have lots of work ahead of me this week. I have a research paper on feminist theory and Sex and the City due on Thursday, and more script analysis also due on Thursday. All I want to do is hang out, though. And eat cheese sandwiches.


2 responses to “Moonsik <3

  1. Stephen L. Hildreth

    Grizzly Adams really does have a beard…

    And so does your Mick Brother.

  2. GRILLED cheese?

    i love feminism AND sex and the city. so yay?

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