It’s quite pretty out at the VIC this morning. I can tell it’s going to be a good one. I’ve got some Pop Tarts cooking on the heater (I’m brilliant) and I’ve got some Nick Drake on in the background. It’s past 7:30, and no one has come in yet, so I’m a little bored.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Class, class project, Springboard, cooking, and a pot luck. I’m making pumpkin bread and mac and cheese, and I hope that it is delicious. Corey and I went grocery shopping last night to make sure that

Classes for Spring ’07 (eek!) semester were scheduled Tuesday afternoon. I got into all the classes I wanted. They are as follows:

GEOL 215: History of Dinosaurs
HIST 306: History of Ohio
TCOM 260: Writing for Electronic Media
TCOM 469: Practicum in Professional Television Production
THFM 046: Production Participation (Semester #6…but I’ll need one more after this)
THFM 375: Arts Management II
UNIV 411: Springboard Coaching

I might drop Springboard and pick up Intro to Women’s Studdies. Thoughts? I’m most excited for History of Ohio, even though it starts at 8:30 and is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am second most excited for Jose’s TV practicum. Over the semester, we make 4 PSA’s for PBS, so yay. I’m also hopefully going to be working as the Unit Production Manager on a feature art documentary called Tikva with Jose. I’m very very excited for that. We are shooting on Super 16, and my favorite cinematographer, Bill Pivetta, is coming up for it. (To quote Chuck, “he warms my heartbox.”)

I am also now officially a TCOM minor. I filled out the paper and everything.

No class or work tomorrow. I think we’re going on an adventure to somewhere.

Countdown to seeing Amy and my brother: 2 days.

I spend too much time blogging.


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  1. 14 smith cant wait for you to be here!!!!

  2. Ummmmm. Emily. You are taking History Of Dinosaurs…now, does it say who your teacher is? Cause I think it might be Don Stienker and if it is, you will fall in love with this old man. He looks like the old guy from Jurassic Park.

  3. Okay, History of Dinos…if you like paleontology (I do), you’ll like it just fine. Otherwise, prepare to sleep. A lot.

  4. Tess- I do enjoy dinosaurs. Yay!

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