Major Event went pretty okay. They told me that they liked my script, but also told me that I should change it. One of the judges said that he thinks that there should be some sort of twist in it. I brushed that off, because that would change the whole thing, making it not a slice of life story, which is what is it. The other judge, who was much more helpful, told me that I should build up tension more between characters in the awkward moments. Other than that, they told me to have more confidence in my presentation. I wanted to say to them “Well, I want to be a unit production manager. I don’t want to pitch scripts. No one let me make a call sheet and turn that in,” but I held myself back. Candice came for some moral support and cheered me on from the back row. I was very thankful for that.

The rest of Saturday was spent with family and friends. Mark and my father came up to visit. We were going to see Borat, but didn’t make it out to Maumee in time, so we went to Grand Rapids instead. We walked along the river for a while, and checked out the campsites that are in the state park. We made some tentative plans for them to come back up in the spring and go camping along the river. We came back to Bowling Green and got some Campus Pollyeyes. Mark spent some time over at Matt’s apartment (since Matt is the big brother that Mark never had…nevermind that Mark does have a big brother.) My father bought me some groceries, we watched a little of The Wedding Singer and they went back to Dayton. It was very enjoyable.

I fell asleep on Matt’s floor while Dustin, Matt, Corey watched Chris play FFXII, and then Corey woke me up to see if I wanted to rent a movie. We stood around in Video Spectrum for a while, like we always do, and decided to just go back to my apartment and watch either Drop Dead Gorgeous or Election. (We chose the former.) Michelle, Chris and the room mates watched with us, it also was enjoyable. I fell asleep on the floor while some people played Sorry! and was eventually coaxed into going to bed.

Sunday I was lazy, and that was also enjoyable.

Things lately have just been very enjoyable. I am very thankful for that. There’s not a lot of stress in my life right now, and I’m hoping for smooth sailing for the rest of the semester.

I hope that UFO goes smoothly tonight. A representative from The College Film Tour is coming to screen something. Steve set it all up, so thank you to him.

I am skipping my Thursday night pop culture class to go to a potluck at Corey, Mike and Grant’s. This isn’t really an acceptable excuse. Those boys, plus my room mates and a few other select few are my family up here, and I like family dinners more than class.

It’s election day. Bob Taft’s gubernatorial days are numbered. He is pictured below with his wife, Hope, and four esteemed Girl Scouts from Montgomery County: Ashley Kuflewski, Jenni Crist, Emily Berens, and Sarah Crist:

Hope was a very nice lady.

Also: I think I am going to see Death Cab for Cutie on Monday night, with Erin, Matt, and some other people(?). I saw them once, back in 12th grade with Ben Kweller, and I’d like to see them again. So, yay. Nevermind. Sold out. So, boo.


2 responses to “enjoyable!

  1. The One and Only Zeppo

    Honestly, you are probably the cutest Girl Scout EVER. That blue looks good on you. I think I like the blue better than the green.

  2. Bad news! The Death Cab show is already sold out!

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