Things are very slow at the VIC this morning. Very slow.

Marie, Meg and I went to our favorite hangout last night: Lmaries Laundromat. While Meg’s and my clothes spun around in washers and dryers, the three of us made some plans:

  • Next weekend we are going down to Athens to visit Amy R. Graves and also my brother. Amy is having a party in our honor (not really.) I am very excited to see her, as well as my little brother. I haven’t seen Michael in three months.
  • The following weekend the girls from Frazee 14 are going to trip up to Chicago for the weekend. There is really no reason for this trip, but we are all very excited. I feel very grown up. I’ve been to Chicago once when I was in late middle school/early high school.

My old scout leader (and hero) posted a lot of old pictures from Girl Scouts yesterday, and I have had a heyday looking through all of them. My favorites are from my troops height of obnoxiousness. A lot of them feature my awkwardness that is still very much present today, although I hide it a lot better. (Okay, not really.)

troop 1087 loves caving

My screenplay for Major Event is coming along well. I started yesterday and I am on page 7 (out of what I think will be about 10.) I ended up taking a story I wrote for English 206 and adapting it. It’s a slice of life story about a girl who works at a flea market and hates her job. (So, the story of me at age 17.) Hopefully I’ll get it done by tomorrow morning, and I won’t be up all night Friday scrambling to finish. Maybe I should try this whole do-your-work-early thing more often. Nevermind…


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