FLEA MARKET: Finished!

My screenplay is done. I’ve made it available for dowonload here.

No one will download and read it, but I am proud of myself for knowing how to make my PDF available for download. If you do decide to read it, feedback would be nice. Can’t you see that I am reaching out here? I want to know what people think of my work!

My father and Mark are coming up to visit on Saturday afternoon. I haven’t seen my father since Labor Day, and it’s been about a month since I’ve seen Mark. Of the things still at home, I miss him the most.


7 responses to “FLEA MARKET: Finished!

  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know: I read your screenplay! 😀

    I think a screenplay about my job would be a little more cheery. I’m working on my book.

  2. Me + Chris Messer + Mark Berens + Final Fantasy XII = amazing good times. Bet you never would have thought of those four guys hanging out, huh?

    (Yes, I tallied Final Fantasy XII as a person.)

  3. i think im going to save your screenplay for when i need a pick-me-up at work!

    it can get rough at mileti!!

  4. Sarah- Maybe I should work on one about your job. Could I job shaddow you to do some research? That would be a blast. I could finally put names with faces of all the characters at Heston’s!

    Matt- I’ll try to get Merek up here more often, so you can hang with your boyz…

    Michelle- Let me know what you think!

  5. Thanks for putting your screenplay out for us to read. I liked your little slice of life . . . but it does not sounds like a great life for a 17 year old. Is this really based on your own experience? Your parents actually let you do this as a job?

    But, of course, if you did then you know so much more about the mainstream of our society than most suburban teens.

    Perhaps your “comic” Jesus was truly a metaphor for him watching over you.

  6. To the very nice person who left me that thoughtful comment:

    I did really have that job for a little more than a year (2002-2003). It was very bad at times, but I also have a few very fond moments from the flea market. I loved most of the people who worked at the flea market.

    I wanted to include the giant Jesus for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that there really is a gigantic Jesus statue at the church next to the flea market, and it reminds me of the times I used to work there (although it was not erected until late 2004.) Another reason is more catty: to mock some of the people in the area. I am not mocking Jesus, or Christianity in general, but more the silly church that would build a gigantic Jesus statue on the side of the highway, light it up in bright colors at night, and have a scrolling lit sign advertising their church. I tried not to make this a religous peice, but I wanted to make sure to include a lot of the religion that I got from working at the flea market from the people around me.

    I also never smoked. I needed a reason for Jaye to just go outside. While I had no qualms about just going and standing outside and doing nothing, I couldn’t let Jaye do that.

    Thank you so, so much for your comment.

  7. Since this was your actual job (your parents are quite trusting and you are gutsy), then you probably have quite a bit of detail you could work in to further develop your script. You’ve obviously already finished the assignment, but sometimes working on a script can be just for fun.

    I find your “Jesus” background story interesting. Perhaps there’s a way to use this within the script . . . maybe by developing the the idea of getting “religion from working at the flea market” and then contrasting it with the flashing color lighted Jesus at the end.

    Just a thought. Best of luck with your work.

    – Nice Person Who Leaves Comments

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