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"Emily, they’ll follow your lead by the letter"

Thanksgiving break was a very nice vacation from Bowling Green. I got a few things done at home, and saw friends and family. Thanksgiving dinner ended with half of the family sitting around a fire in my cousin’s backyard. After most everyone left, Paul, Sarah, my brothers and I went to see Borat: Cultural Leanings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I enjoyed it.

Friday night the whole family got together again for pizza at Aunt Ann’s house. The girl cousins played cards while the boy cousins fought over who got to play the next game of Halo. I’d rather play Uno any day of the week.

Amy and I also got to see Christopher Guest’s latest film, For Your Consideration forgiven because 1. Fred Willard, and 2. Fred Willard with a , which I loved. (That’s unfair, because anything with that cast I will absolutely adore.) At some points, I wished that they had made it in his usual mockumentary style, and I almost feel like they did originally and changed mid-shooting. A lot of the shots were handheld, and I thought that the sections with Fred Willard were a little awkward. That section of the movie was completely forgiven because 1. Fred Willard, 2. Fred Willard with a fohawk, and 3. Fred Willard dressed as Sherlock Holmes with a giant magnifying glass.

I’ve also got my paws on two new delectable little musical gems: Ys by Joanna Newsom, and Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens. I have been listening to Songs for Christmas pretty much non-stop for the past few days. I feel like he has given his fans a fun little present (that I only had to pay 16.99 for!) The little box came complete with a sheet of stickers, a song book, a “family portrait” (is that really his wife and kids? anyone know?) oh, and five CDs full of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas, Sufjan. I haven’t really sunk my teeth completely into Ys yet, but the first track is long and beautiful, and it’s called “Emily.” I need to take another long listen. I love my harp-playing elf!

UFO Benefit show is Thursday night. I’m very excited to hear a night of good music, and know that my $5 is going toward supporting student film making. It’s at 9P at Howard’s. Who’s playing? The Tapes, Pseudobook, Joey Catullo, Nate Cogan, A Friend of Mabels, and One Nation Under.
/shameless advert.


In addition to the usual “I am thankful for my family and friends” I am going to add that I am thankful for my education, living in a country where I can pursue the livelihood I choose, my health, and all of the general goodness that has been put into my life in the last year. I have no right to ask for anything more.

Things at home are still pretty slow. Like every holiday, my father decided that it was a good time for a home improvement project. Mark and I were woken up fairly early (for it being a holiday) and told to put on our shoes and meet him in the roof. About an hour later, Mark and I were (reluctantly) up on the roof. Dad was in a fairly good mood considering we had not made it out on the roof yet, and he is usually in a bad mood if he is working on any sort of improvement project (he is not handy.) I soon realized why he was in such a good mood: moments before, he had opened Michael’s window from outside, poked the leaf blower into his room, aimed at my sleeping brother, and turned it on. Yelling ensued, my father’s hysterical laughter/crying also ensued. The rest of the time on the roof, he thought it was very funny to point the blower at his good helper children (opposed to his bad sleeping child) and laugh as our hair and clothes flew around. While on the roof, Mark sat picking at the roofing, I danced and teased the neighbors’ dogs from over the fence.

Consumerism overtook Amy and I yesterday as we wandered the aisles of Target. We stumbled upon the holiday aisle and found lots of fun goodies packaged especially for the holidays, and neither of us could resist buying at least something from the area. I stumbled upon two Christmas flavors of Jones Soda: egg nog and super plum. The sugar plum was very tasty, but I have yet to untwist the cap on the egg nog flavor. But why wouldn’t I like it? I love egg nog, and have yet to try a Jones Soda flavor that I did not enjoy (this includes the chocolate flavor.)

Countdown to Berens Family Thanksgiving: 2 hours

101, LOL, 5, %

We reserved Campbell Hill 101. Matt quickly pointed out that it was Campbell Hill LOL, which then got changed to Campbell Hill 5 (101 in binary is 5) and then was changed to Campbell Hill %.

So, next year the girls from Frazee 14 are living in Campbell Hill 101 LOL 5 %.

Things at home are slow. I think I’ll go over and bug my Texas cousins at Grandma’s.

clap your hands

I had another wonderful weekend. I had Friday off from work, and I spent the entire day with friends. Friday night my neighbor from freshmen, Jacky, year invited us over for an early Christmas party, and we got to see Becky, as well as Pete and Jeff. We also had people over that night. Jacky, Becky, Pete, and Jeff did not come over for that.

Our apartment has become a gathering place for all of our friends. This is odd, seeing that of all our friends, we have the smallest apartment. I guess my room mates and I are just that great.

Meg and Kyle enjoy cheese (Kraft Singles) and wine (from a box)

Saturday evening Corey, Matt, Meg, Mike, and I went to church at St. Al’s. Every week I enjoy that church more; I’m very glad that Steve brought me to a Catholic church in the area that I feel good in. Before mass, a woman stood in front of the congregation and greeted us. She said “Welcome. We are glad that you are here.” I doubt that she even thought twice about saying it, but it was very heartfelt and I believed that she was glad that we were there.

In a few minutes my room mates and I are heading downtown to reserve an apartment. We’ve decided on Campbell Hill. Frazee 14 is a great location, but there is simply not enough room for the four of us. Marie and Candice are sharing the large room, and Meg and I will get the other two rooms. I’m already excited to move in (in August…)

I have one more class until I can go home for Thanksgiving. My Texas cousins are in town; I can’t wait to see Grace! My father told me last night that she is doing very well after her surgery back in September.

Also, anyone hear about this? Oh giant media conglomerates, when will you stop fighting?

i love clap your hands say yeah.



  • Toilet: replaced…at 8:30 AM. I was not a happy camper.
  • My bike finally broke, and I can no longer ride it. This happened while I was riding my bike to editing class, and I had to turn around and carry by bike back to the apartment. Then I was late for class.

I remember thinking that a lot of other things went horribly wrong, but I can’t think of them.


  • Saw Bill Pivetta
  • Got out of both Video and Editing early
  • Heard one of the new Sufjan Christmas songs on the radio. (“Get Behind Me, Santa”)
  • Caught up a little with Seth

How I need to really work on my research paper. I’ll be at Grounds all night.

Moonsik <3

Editing was amazing today. Moonsik played our chroma-keying projects, and then he gave us presents (candy). He was very jolly, and he let us out of our two hour class an hour and half early.

I did something bad today: went to the craft store. I managed to buy only two odd postcards (they feature generic animal photos and the words “HELLO FROM BOWLING GREEN, OHIO” stamped on the top), and some yarn. I’m already a few inches into my next scarf.

OU this weekend was amazing. I saw Amy, my brother, Nichole, and a few other surprises from Centerville (namely Phil Clark.) The ride there and back were pretty fun as well. We stopped at Sonic in Nelsonville, and listened to The Boss. Candice relieved me for the final leg of the trip, and we were back with time to spare before Candice’s newspaper meeting.

me, mick: berens siblings

I have lots of work ahead of me this week. I have a research paper on feminist theory and Sex and the City due on Thursday, and more script analysis also due on Thursday. All I want to do is hang out, though. And eat cheese sandwiches.

Toilet Broken: #5

Our toilet is broken again, for the fifth time this year.

Greenbriar needs to replace our toilet, or go ahead and schedule a weekly visit to Frazee 14.

It’s quite pretty out at the VIC this morning. I can tell it’s going to be a good one. I’ve got some Pop Tarts cooking on the heater (I’m brilliant) and I’ve got some Nick Drake on in the background. It’s past 7:30, and no one has come in yet, so I’m a little bored.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Class, class project, Springboard, cooking, and a pot luck. I’m making pumpkin bread and mac and cheese, and I hope that it is delicious. Corey and I went grocery shopping last night to make sure that

Classes for Spring ’07 (eek!) semester were scheduled Tuesday afternoon. I got into all the classes I wanted. They are as follows:

GEOL 215: History of Dinosaurs
HIST 306: History of Ohio
TCOM 260: Writing for Electronic Media
TCOM 469: Practicum in Professional Television Production
THFM 046: Production Participation (Semester #6…but I’ll need one more after this)
THFM 375: Arts Management II
UNIV 411: Springboard Coaching

I might drop Springboard and pick up Intro to Women’s Studdies. Thoughts? I’m most excited for History of Ohio, even though it starts at 8:30 and is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am second most excited for Jose’s TV practicum. Over the semester, we make 4 PSA’s for PBS, so yay. I’m also hopefully going to be working as the Unit Production Manager on a feature art documentary called Tikva with Jose. I’m very very excited for that. We are shooting on Super 16, and my favorite cinematographer, Bill Pivetta, is coming up for it. (To quote Chuck, “he warms my heartbox.”)

I am also now officially a TCOM minor. I filled out the paper and everything.

No class or work tomorrow. I think we’re going on an adventure to somewhere.

Countdown to seeing Amy and my brother: 2 days.

I spend too much time blogging.


Major Event went pretty okay. They told me that they liked my script, but also told me that I should change it. One of the judges said that he thinks that there should be some sort of twist in it. I brushed that off, because that would change the whole thing, making it not a slice of life story, which is what is it. The other judge, who was much more helpful, told me that I should build up tension more between characters in the awkward moments. Other than that, they told me to have more confidence in my presentation. I wanted to say to them “Well, I want to be a unit production manager. I don’t want to pitch scripts. No one let me make a call sheet and turn that in,” but I held myself back. Candice came for some moral support and cheered me on from the back row. I was very thankful for that.

The rest of Saturday was spent with family and friends. Mark and my father came up to visit. We were going to see Borat, but didn’t make it out to Maumee in time, so we went to Grand Rapids instead. We walked along the river for a while, and checked out the campsites that are in the state park. We made some tentative plans for them to come back up in the spring and go camping along the river. We came back to Bowling Green and got some Campus Pollyeyes. Mark spent some time over at Matt’s apartment (since Matt is the big brother that Mark never had…nevermind that Mark does have a big brother.) My father bought me some groceries, we watched a little of The Wedding Singer and they went back to Dayton. It was very enjoyable.

I fell asleep on Matt’s floor while Dustin, Matt, Corey watched Chris play FFXII, and then Corey woke me up to see if I wanted to rent a movie. We stood around in Video Spectrum for a while, like we always do, and decided to just go back to my apartment and watch either Drop Dead Gorgeous or Election. (We chose the former.) Michelle, Chris and the room mates watched with us, it also was enjoyable. I fell asleep on the floor while some people played Sorry! and was eventually coaxed into going to bed.

Sunday I was lazy, and that was also enjoyable.

Things lately have just been very enjoyable. I am very thankful for that. There’s not a lot of stress in my life right now, and I’m hoping for smooth sailing for the rest of the semester.

I hope that UFO goes smoothly tonight. A representative from The College Film Tour is coming to screen something. Steve set it all up, so thank you to him.

I am skipping my Thursday night pop culture class to go to a potluck at Corey, Mike and Grant’s. This isn’t really an acceptable excuse. Those boys, plus my room mates and a few other select few are my family up here, and I like family dinners more than class.

It’s election day. Bob Taft’s gubernatorial days are numbered. He is pictured below with his wife, Hope, and four esteemed Girl Scouts from Montgomery County: Ashley Kuflewski, Jenni Crist, Emily Berens, and Sarah Crist:

Hope was a very nice lady.

Also: I think I am going to see Death Cab for Cutie on Monday night, with Erin, Matt, and some other people(?). I saw them once, back in 12th grade with Ben Kweller, and I’d like to see them again. So, yay. Nevermind. Sold out. So, boo.

FLEA MARKET: Finished!

My screenplay is done. I’ve made it available for dowonload here.

No one will download and read it, but I am proud of myself for knowing how to make my PDF available for download. If you do decide to read it, feedback would be nice. Can’t you see that I am reaching out here? I want to know what people think of my work!

My father and Mark are coming up to visit on Saturday afternoon. I haven’t seen my father since Labor Day, and it’s been about a month since I’ve seen Mark. Of the things still at home, I miss him the most.