Yesterday was just really wonderful. Now I will write about it.

I woke up on my own, and felt fully rested. Matt’s parents and sister came to visit and we got some Subway.

I arrived home from Subway to be pleasantly surprised by Joey Catullo sitting in our family room drinking coffee with Candice. I sat down and drank two cups with them and we talked about all sorts of things: church, family, Christmas, zoos, childhood, museums, writing papers, and music. It was really wonderful to sit down and talk to them and enjoy some coffee.

Candice and I went to visit Marie out at the Shoe Carnival, and took a (not-so-quick) trip to Target. Candice suggested that we go into Bath and Body Works, where we smelled all sorts of wonderful-smelling things and put lotion on our hands. Marie met us over at Target a few minutes later when her shift was over. I needed socks and I new toothbrush. I bought those two things, and spent more money on new clothes. After Target, we were hungry and found a Taco Bell (!) to get some early dinner. ‘Twas delish.

I picked up Joey and we met Steve and Matt at St. Al’s for a pretty great mass. It’s been a while since I’ve been to church, and going back always makes me feel very good. We are going to go together every week, and Corey told me he wants to join us as well. I feel very blessed that I have some really great people to share mass with. The sermon was about how we should ask God for what we truly need. And while I am not completely sure what that is, I think I have a good idea. “Ask and you shall receive,” you know?

After church we went to Grounds, where I enjoyed another cup of coffee and more conversation. We eventually made it back to my apartment and found Candice and Marie cuddled up in blankets (we still haven’t turned on our heat…)

I don’t know what was so amazing about yesterday. I got really excited to be alive, and to continue growing.

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. – Sirach 6:14
Plans for today: Look to the sky and smile.

3 responses to “Blessed

  1. Such a great post to follow a post in which there is nothing but a picture of a bear+man makeout session.

    But seriously, cool. I definitely find that when I am thinking “ask God for what I need” I find out that I really don’t know what I need, just that I do indeed “need.” Well, obviously sometimes there’re practical things “God, I’m hanging on the edge of a cliff…um….help” but everyday grind? Mood swings? Troubles? Yeah, so it’s totally cool to not know exactly what you need.

  2. you know who else wants to go to church…

    this girl.

  3. Yes, Saturday was extremely fun. Weekly mass is definitely a thing that needs to happen from here on out. It was extremely refreshing and eye-opening, and an awesome time with God to share with friends.

    In response to Mike’s comment, the “daily grind” made me think of MMOs. I fear I’ve really dove into a layer of geek-dom in which there is no escape.

    Also, WAY TO QUOTE DEUTEROCANONICAL WORKS LOL. Just kidding, Sirach is a fun book.

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