If I get sick one more time this semester, I am going to cut someone with my Swiss Army knife.

Just sayin‘.

I feel like for the most part I am out of that whole buried in my work thing, but that doesn’t mean that I am totally in the clear. I have another script analysis chapter due tomorrow, and lots of reading for pop culture. For next week, I have a paper proposal and another play to read. I also have a lighting practical, but that should be a breeze. Also next Saturday is Major Event, and I have to have a screen play prepared for evaluation by a panel. Here’s the problem: I haven’t started. I have ideas, but I don’t want to hastily throw them together for next weekend. Any ideas on what I could possibly write a short screenplay on?

Halloween festivities are this weekend. Kyle and I are going as Pete and Artie, from my favorite childhood television show: The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I think we should pull it off well.

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  1. haha Write it about Heston’s, of course!


  3. Well, none of the tracks are the same…it’s a lot of alternate takes, added parts, remastering, and (in the case of Learn To Live With What You Are) strings.

    It’s cool, but not outstanding. I preordered though, so I got a signed booklet and a DVD with the Landed (Folds’ version), Jesusuland, and Bastard videos.

  4. What if you were to write a screenplay about a kid who was afraid of sunlight? He’d spend his days cooped up indoors and whenever he went outside, no matter what the weather, he’d wear sunglasses and a baseball cap. He’d hurry from the shade of one tree to the shade of another, hunched over and withdrawn from all social contact. In school, his teacher would try to make him remove his glasses… but he’d scream and cry and have to be sent home. In the end… it would be revealed that he was somehow sent backwards from the future… where the atmosphere of Earth had grown so thin and polluted that sunlight could burn off your flesh in mere minutes if you didn’t have the proper protection. But only he would have this memory… maybe it could manifest itself in his dreams. It’s like 12 monkeys! Except this tragedy would be mostly unpreventable.

  5. Kind of like the guy on Benchwarmers!

    Anyway, I have been talking to Seth, but, interestingly, about winter break. I do know he’s going to Louisville next weekend!!

    So far as I know, he ought to be home for most of winter break, but I will have to pin some details down. We can have a party! I’ll bring popcorn!

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