Potluck, Happytimes

I’m at the VIC for another Sunday. This job really would be great if I could concentrate long enough to get any homework done. (Not that it’s not great regardless!) I’ll be here until 4. The lacrosse tourney is still going on in the intramural fields, so there will be lots of people coming in today to use our toilet. Good thing they pay someone to be out here all day… Good thing I brought two trashy magazines with me. That should occupy me for a good half hour.

Nichole, Gracie, and a few others were up to celebrate Erica’s birthday last night, I stopped by to see my dear Nichole, but it was short lived, because I was DD last night. Hopefully I’ll get to see her this afternoon. I forget how much I absolutely adore Nichole until I see her again. I miss Val, too. Why did she have to go and move to Texas?

The residents of Cambell Hill 95 had a potluck last night. I brought Lydia Mae’s mac and cheese, and it was fairly successful, as I hoped it would be. Sadly, I have potluck anxiety. When folks don’t eat my dish, I am deeply offended and hurt (well, not deeply.) Everyone’s food was delish, and it was a good time sitting down and eating with everyone. Not exactly as warm and fuzzy as a holiday in the Berens family, but it’s about as close as I will get up here. Post-potluck, I made a quick appearance at Kate’s 21st, escaped, and headed over to Joel’s neighbor’s house. We played mafia and it was a lot of fun. Yay fun.

Church with Stevesy tonight. And hopefully this cold will be gone soon.

One response to “Potluck, Happytimes

  1. it was fabulous seeing you at your place of employment! and thanks again for the ride.

    you were my knight in shining armor!

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