Sunday at the VIC

I think today will be fairly enjoyable…

I get the Visitors’ Information Center to myself until four today. It’s likely that no one will come in (with the possible exception of my room mates.) There are only two negatives of today: I didn’t get much sleep (again, for the fourth night in a row) and I left my Pop Tarts on the kitchen counter, and I’m hungry.

There’s an editing project I need to be working on, but since this computer does not have Final Cut Pro on it (shocking!) there’s not a whole lot I can be working on. I also left my pop culture book at home, so I can’t read that.

The wonderful Grant Pardee loaned me Blankets by Craig Thompson last night. I’ve been dying to read it since about May, but the Centerville-Woodbourne Library did not have it, and I could not justify spending the money to buy it (illustrated novels are so much money…) I really like the drawings. So for a big chunk of my shift this afternoon I will be listening to Nick Drake’s Pink Moon (which is lovely) and reading this graphic novel. Consider yourself lucky for reading this paragraph. I rarely openly speak of my love of comic books.

Another amazing article.

I had a scout meeting down in Columbus yesterday morning. My parents talk to me a lot about my involvement with the Girl Scouts, and they just don’t seem to understand. There is no way that I can possibly start to describe the happiness that organization brings me, and everything it has done for me in my life. As I told Josiah, if I had the money, I would pour it all into the Girl Scouts. It’s a wonderful organization that has done so much for me, and so much for the lives of countless girls across the country. When I was in tenth grade my mother and I got in a big fight, and she threatened to pull me out of my troop. At that time, Girl Scouts was a bigger part of my life than school or swimming combined, and the thought of getting that torn from me was terrifying. Thinking back over my past 20 years (and only 20 years for that matter) I have been involved with scouting for 14 of them. There’s only one word that I can really think of to describe the state of things had I not been a scout: empty. Over the years, I have poured so much of myself into the Girl Scouts of America, and I can honestly say that I have gotten back so much more than anyone could ever possibly ask for.

Troop #1087, circa 1999. The girl in the yellow is wearing the fanny pack as a joke. She promises.
Also, I feel very bad when I’m happy and others are not. It’s to the point that I feel like I have done something wrong to be so happy while I see my friends down. I’m feeling quite guilty now.

4 responses to “Sunday at the VIC

  1. i am in your picture!!

    i have never seen that, why havent i seen it?

    dont feel guilty when you are happy, just make other people be happy with you. Put on Windy and dance, i dont think anyone could resist smiling after that.


  2. OMG! that’s a fanny pack.
    that is the fanny pack.
    that is a frog fanny pack that you are wearing at an age far to old to be wearing that frog fanny pack.
    oh man, emily.

  3. I see you found another photo of Patches to share with your adoring fans.

  4. I just read your blog about scouts and it made me almost cry. I’m so glad I was apart in making that great happiness for you. I bet you can guess who this is.

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