Michael sent me India’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I love it.

Good music news:
-This weekend I am going to Tall Stacks to see Old Crow Medicine Show and Wilco (!)
-Next week I am seeing Ben Kweller (twice!)
-Nellie McKay’s Pretty Little Head is finally being released 10/24
-Matt and Mike’s version of “Internet Girl” is coming along, and I am very excited.

I also get to see Amy in 8 days.


6 responses to “Thriller

  1. That is really fucked up. Also, your profile pic is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I can barely contain my urge to jump you.

  2. From a VCT103 paper: “Due to this fact, there are no wireless capabilities with analog phone service, such as the internet and text massaging.”

    Want a text massage?

  3. Yet another 103 paper quote:

    “Though I support the advancement of the new digital scoreboards, I still think back to how amazing it would have been to see a score on a board for the first time.”


    Wow, a score was put on a board. A large number was placed on a large flat board. How amazing.

  4. Yet another 103 quote:

    “In time, I personally believe laptops will overtake the desktop computer but we still have a few years for that to ultimately happen.”

    So…in a few years, there will ONLY BE LAPTOPS????


  5. Or maybe he just meant that they would be more powerful, but either way, it’s a ridiculous statement.

  6. I’ll never stop:

    “The CD and its player, on the other hand, are available store wide.”

    The entire store has the CD (and it’s player) available. Yup, store wide.

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