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Yesterday was just really wonderful. Now I will write about it.

I woke up on my own, and felt fully rested. Matt’s parents and sister came to visit and we got some Subway.

I arrived home from Subway to be pleasantly surprised by Joey Catullo sitting in our family room drinking coffee with Candice. I sat down and drank two cups with them and we talked about all sorts of things: church, family, Christmas, zoos, childhood, museums, writing papers, and music. It was really wonderful to sit down and talk to them and enjoy some coffee.

Candice and I went to visit Marie out at the Shoe Carnival, and took a (not-so-quick) trip to Target. Candice suggested that we go into Bath and Body Works, where we smelled all sorts of wonderful-smelling things and put lotion on our hands. Marie met us over at Target a few minutes later when her shift was over. I needed socks and I new toothbrush. I bought those two things, and spent more money on new clothes. After Target, we were hungry and found a Taco Bell (!) to get some early dinner. ‘Twas delish.

I picked up Joey and we met Steve and Matt at St. Al’s for a pretty great mass. It’s been a while since I’ve been to church, and going back always makes me feel very good. We are going to go together every week, and Corey told me he wants to join us as well. I feel very blessed that I have some really great people to share mass with. The sermon was about how we should ask God for what we truly need. And while I am not completely sure what that is, I think I have a good idea. “Ask and you shall receive,” you know?

After church we went to Grounds, where I enjoyed another cup of coffee and more conversation. We eventually made it back to my apartment and found Candice and Marie cuddled up in blankets (we still haven’t turned on our heat…)

I don’t know what was so amazing about yesterday. I got really excited to be alive, and to continue growing.

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. – Sirach 6:14
Plans for today: Look to the sky and smile.

If I get sick one more time this semester, I am going to cut someone with my Swiss Army knife.

Just sayin‘.

I feel like for the most part I am out of that whole buried in my work thing, but that doesn’t mean that I am totally in the clear. I have another script analysis chapter due tomorrow, and lots of reading for pop culture. For next week, I have a paper proposal and another play to read. I also have a lighting practical, but that should be a breeze. Also next Saturday is Major Event, and I have to have a screen play prepared for evaluation by a panel. Here’s the problem: I haven’t started. I have ideas, but I don’t want to hastily throw them together for next weekend. Any ideas on what I could possibly write a short screenplay on?

Halloween festivities are this weekend. Kyle and I are going as Pete and Artie, from my favorite childhood television show: The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I think we should pull it off well.

Potluck, Happytimes

I’m at the VIC for another Sunday. This job really would be great if I could concentrate long enough to get any homework done. (Not that it’s not great regardless!) I’ll be here until 4. The lacrosse tourney is still going on in the intramural fields, so there will be lots of people coming in today to use our toilet. Good thing they pay someone to be out here all day… Good thing I brought two trashy magazines with me. That should occupy me for a good half hour.

Nichole, Gracie, and a few others were up to celebrate Erica’s birthday last night, I stopped by to see my dear Nichole, but it was short lived, because I was DD last night. Hopefully I’ll get to see her this afternoon. I forget how much I absolutely adore Nichole until I see her again. I miss Val, too. Why did she have to go and move to Texas?

The residents of Cambell Hill 95 had a potluck last night. I brought Lydia Mae’s mac and cheese, and it was fairly successful, as I hoped it would be. Sadly, I have potluck anxiety. When folks don’t eat my dish, I am deeply offended and hurt (well, not deeply.) Everyone’s food was delish, and it was a good time sitting down and eating with everyone. Not exactly as warm and fuzzy as a holiday in the Berens family, but it’s about as close as I will get up here. Post-potluck, I made a quick appearance at Kate’s 21st, escaped, and headed over to Joel’s neighbor’s house. We played mafia and it was a lot of fun. Yay fun.

Church with Stevesy tonight. And hopefully this cold will be gone soon.

The Visitor’s Information Center: Where I get paid to blog

I’m starting to think that I should be medicated for my sleep. I maintain a fairly regular schedule, but I rarely sleep through the entire night, and also scare my room mates with my bizarre sleep talking and moving around the room…when I’m asleep. It would creep me out, too, if I woke up and saw my sleeping room mate sitting up in bed looking at me.

I think my iPod may be dead. I’ve been wanting one of the new iPod Nanos, mostly because they are fun colors have have a 24 hour battery life. Why would I need to carry around my entire music collection anyhow?

ohmygosh. i don’t even know which color i would choose!

The view from the VIC is always pretty amazing to me. In the mornings, I watch the sunrise, in the afternoons I watch the soccer team practice. Right now I’m watching a group of kids play flag football. Do I wish I was out there playing with them? Yeah, a little bit. I’ve been thinking of taking up the harmonica, mostly so that I have something to keep me busy out here. Plus, no one will mind when I’m still learning, because out in the VIC, no one can hear you scream.

Over the past few months I have gotten to know a few people better, as well as make some new friends. I’m really thankful that I’ve been given so many chances to meet all of the amazing people that have come into my life. To mention a few names: Chris Messer, Steve Grunwell, and Joey Catullo are all really wonderful people. So yay. Also, they are all good dancers, which is something that is very important when becoming my friend. (And by good dancers, I mean that they are not ashamed to dance.)

photographic evidence that they are great.

Sunday at the VIC

I think today will be fairly enjoyable…

I get the Visitors’ Information Center to myself until four today. It’s likely that no one will come in (with the possible exception of my room mates.) There are only two negatives of today: I didn’t get much sleep (again, for the fourth night in a row) and I left my Pop Tarts on the kitchen counter, and I’m hungry.

There’s an editing project I need to be working on, but since this computer does not have Final Cut Pro on it (shocking!) there’s not a whole lot I can be working on. I also left my pop culture book at home, so I can’t read that.

The wonderful Grant Pardee loaned me Blankets by Craig Thompson last night. I’ve been dying to read it since about May, but the Centerville-Woodbourne Library did not have it, and I could not justify spending the money to buy it (illustrated novels are so much money…) I really like the drawings. So for a big chunk of my shift this afternoon I will be listening to Nick Drake’s Pink Moon (which is lovely) and reading this graphic novel. Consider yourself lucky for reading this paragraph. I rarely openly speak of my love of comic books.

Another amazing article.

I had a scout meeting down in Columbus yesterday morning. My parents talk to me a lot about my involvement with the Girl Scouts, and they just don’t seem to understand. There is no way that I can possibly start to describe the happiness that organization brings me, and everything it has done for me in my life. As I told Josiah, if I had the money, I would pour it all into the Girl Scouts. It’s a wonderful organization that has done so much for me, and so much for the lives of countless girls across the country. When I was in tenth grade my mother and I got in a big fight, and she threatened to pull me out of my troop. At that time, Girl Scouts was a bigger part of my life than school or swimming combined, and the thought of getting that torn from me was terrifying. Thinking back over my past 20 years (and only 20 years for that matter) I have been involved with scouting for 14 of them. There’s only one word that I can really think of to describe the state of things had I not been a scout: empty. Over the years, I have poured so much of myself into the Girl Scouts of America, and I can honestly say that I have gotten back so much more than anyone could ever possibly ask for.

Troop #1087, circa 1999. The girl in the yellow is wearing the fanny pack as a joke. She promises.
Also, I feel very bad when I’m happy and others are not. It’s to the point that I feel like I have done something wrong to be so happy while I see my friends down. I’m feeling quite guilty now.

Ben Kweller three times in two days? Yes please!

Things I did in the past two days:

  • Crossed the Ohio-Michigan border for the first time
  • Saw Ben Kweller for the 4th time
  • Chatted with BK
  • Fell asleep in Joey’s car
  • Woke up an hour into my shift at the Visitor’s Center (opps…)
  • Talked to the guys from Hymns about how being on tour is like summer camp, but colder (I don’t think they fancied Ohio much.)
  • Saw Ben Kweller preform a small acoustic set in a Starbucks, within arm’s length of where I was standing
  • Talked to Ben Kweller about Garth Brooks
  • Hugged Amy!
  • Spent too much money on a bag at Urban Outfitters
  • Heard embarrassing stories about my brother
  • Shared a very special first with Karen: Chipotle
  • Saw Ben Kweller, for the sixth time
  • Hugged Amy again
  • Listened to old episodes of the Pseudobook Podcast to keep me awake on the long drive back from Columbus
  • Had an overall wonderful two days


Old Crow Medicine Show was amazing. Anyone who enjoy bluegrass/alt-country/folk/etc. should try to see them at least once. Their newest single, “Down Home Girl” is pretty amazing:

am i right?

I did not get to stay and see Wilco. I don’t want to talk about it.

Fall break quickly approaches

Tonight I’m going to Corey, Grant, and Mike’s to listen to Motown hits and dance.
Tomorrow afternoon I’m headed south for home and music.

It’s a very pretty morning, lots of colors, but it’s cold. I still like it.

Once again I’m feeling sickish. I’m trying to stay hydrated, and making sure to gargle a lot (I doubt if this helps, but it’s kind of fun.) I’m also making sure to keep up with Chloraseptic so that my throat isn’t so itchy. I can’t tell if you can hear it in my voice that I’m sick, but I’ve been able to sing this morning (which is what I do at work when there’s no visitors in the Visitors’ Center)

After Springboard (which we got let out early because students weren’t being respectful to our teacher) I got some Qdoba with Matt and Joel. It was good times.

I’m getting very excited to see BK next week…


Michael sent me India’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I love it.

Good music news:
-This weekend I am going to Tall Stacks to see Old Crow Medicine Show and Wilco (!)
-Next week I am seeing Ben Kweller (twice!)
-Nellie McKay’s Pretty Little Head is finally being released 10/24
-Matt and Mike’s version of “Internet Girl” is coming along, and I am very excited.

I also get to see Amy in 8 days.