Thank you Panera.

Using free wireless. Yay! I don’t like their select blend of coffee this morning, though. I like the free visitor center coffee better.

This morning at work I managed to go an entire shift without getting marker all over my hands. The last pass I wrote out proved to be the messiest, and I do have blue spots on my skin now. Grrreat.

I am still disgustingly behind in my script analysis class. Hopefully I’ll catch up this morning.

I got word from my cousin Sarah last night. Grace woke up fine from surgery. We find out today about the tumor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

After work in the shower, I thought about the difference between information and knowledge. I think that my brain is filled with mostly information. The way I compute that information determines whether or not it becomes knowledge. (Or so I’ve decided.)

Go listen to Old Crow Medicine Show. You can thank me later.

One response to “Thank you Panera.

  1. Old Crow Medicine Show is so hot. You need to get me an album, pronto.

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