After script analysis yesterday afternoon, I got a frantic phone call from Marie, telling me that the new Ben Kweller disc had finally arrived–only two days late. I rushed home, opened it, and Marie, Meg and I danced until pop culture class. The album is amazing. Ben Kweller has not let me down once, between his three albums and three live shows I have attended. As mentioned before, he is playing in Detroit as well as Columbus next month, and I am being irresponsible and taking time off from classes to see those two shows. I had to draw the line at seeing him in Cincinnati (which was rough.)

Joey came over last night. He brought season one of Dinosaurs, and we watched our Ben Kweller on Conan. We also picked up Candice from the news room and listened to “Danger! High Voltage!” in the car and laughed a lot. The girls from Apartment 14 hope that Joey comes over more often, because he is fun.

Work this morning has been fairly busy for a Friday morning before 9AM. There’s some sort of conference this morning at the union, so there are lots of people coming in and asking for parking passes. I also need to make sure that I’m getting enough sleep before my 7-10 shifts. This morning I did not let myself have a cup of the free coffee we offer at the VIC until 8:00. I’m trying not to be such a slave to caffeine, and I have figured out that there is a direct connection between the headaches I’ve been getting and my caffeine consumption.

Weekend plans? My classmate, and fellow UFO member, Erik is wrestling on Ohio News Network tonight, so some people are all getting together to cheer on “Hobo Joe.” It should be a good time.

A song that really makes me feel great:
Mushaboom by Feist

3 responses to “BK

  1. In moderation, caffeine takes away headaches!


    Or are you talking about Erik Towne?

  2. I just had some macaroni and cheese tonight!

  3. P.S. When do I get to hear the new Ben Kweller?

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