How about this new facebook?

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Work has been exceptionally slow this morning. I’ve been sitting out here in the Visitors’ Information Center for more than an hour, and only one person has come up for a parking pass. I don’t mind too much, though. To stay awake, I’ve got a mixtape that Jess made for me that I enjoy a lot. (Thank you, again! Anyone wanting to make me one is welcome to…that way I can have a few different mixes in my work rotation) And, I’m just now starting my first cup of coffee-I really need to get more sleep on the eve of working my 7-10 shifts.

Lately I’ve started really getting nervous about the future. I know that I am not unique in this… Well anyway, I have already started having second thoughts (and third thoughts…and fourth thoughts…) about going out to LA this summer for an internship. Matt says it will be good for me…but I don’t really see myself liking it out there too much. I’m also not sure that I will be able to finance my stay there while working full time (most likely unpaid.) Maybe I’m going into the wrong industry if I don’t even want to work in the city that it’s primarily based out of? I’m still not completely sure what draws people to California. I’m drawn to the Midwest, so why would I ever want to leave? I probably will not. Most likely I’ll get a job in a “big” city like Columbus working in corporate video. My dream job would be working as a videographer for the Girl Scouts, or maybe the Ohio State Fair. At any rate, I want to be a unit production manager—or maybe a line producer, where ever that takes me. But I’m sure that DSW will always take me back…although I don’t see myself making a career of selling shoes.

I’ve found myself really enjoying music by The Killers lately. I still don’t like “Somebody Told Me,” and “Mr. Brightside,” but I have really started to enjoy a lot of their other tunes. I also love Brandon Flowers’s porn ‘stache. (As seen at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards…)

CampusFest is today, and it’s UFO’s first year to have a table. I’m pretty excited.

I think we need a new logo..can anyone help with this?

Tonight: Corey, Mike, and Grant are having a Rock and Roll party…meaning…I get to dress like the rockstar that I wish I was… The Black Swamp Arts Festival here in BG is this weekend, and I am very excited. Matt and Mike are playing at the Cla-Zel, and even though it’s going to cost me $5 (!!) I am very excited. Also, I get to go to another themed party (I know! Two in one weekend!) at Warren and Luce’s, and I am very excited. It’s back-to-school themed, so I get to dress like the 8-year-old that I (not-so-secretly) am!


One response to “How about this new facebook?

  1. I’m going to make you a Sufjan mix for work.

    And I’m not sure what the rumor is about the Black Swamp costing $5, but the website and all the promotional posters explicitly say that every event is free. So either somebody started a silly rumor, or whoever’s running this thing is just pulling everyone’s leg with their evil false advertising campaign.

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