Labor Day weekend was long, I enjoyed it.

I feel a lot closer to a few of my friends, and I am glad. Sometimes it is hard, but I am truly blessed to have them.

Tonight we had our first UFO meeting, and it went fairly well. Even if it wasn’t the greatest meeting of all time, I had a good time. A girl from my Pop Culture class tagged along, and I think she enjoyed herself as well. She’s a transfer student from a smaller school, and has had a rough time making friends. I hope that she likes UFO. I also made another friend, and his name is Chris. He is funny.

It’s been a long day.

Found this gem today:
“Candice’s” blog from freshmen year.


2 responses to “

  1. I was more referring to initial smoking. I think I never would have started if every cigarette pack had “SMOKING KILLS” written on the front of it in giant block letters.

    And yeah, sometimes things are hard with close friends. And it sucks. But you know me and Mike will back you up no matter what.

  2. Emily emily emily emily emily emily emily emily emily emily emily emily —- I didn’t copy and paste any of those.

    I can also type the alphabet!!!!!!


    NO WAI

    There is no point to this comment, though, and since it’s not on myspace, you won’t even get the rush of excitement from seeing “NEW COMMENTS!” either. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

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