I watched a pretty amazing storm roll into town today from my post at the Visitor Information Cener. It was pretty cool-looking. It reminded me of how amazing this world is, and that nothing is a mistake. I rode my bike with poor brakes through the drizzle and thought about the general amazing-ness of things in my life.

I also need to see Michelle Eviston, my faithful reader and friend. I have been back for a little over a week, and have set to see her beautiful smiling face, and I’m sick of it.

Also: Amy is coming up to visit me tomorrow. I can’t wait!

4 responses to “awe

  1. QUANTUM PHYSICS! So I was reading Married to the Sea (a) and then went to Qwantz where I found THIS comic ( which of course reminded me of you (b) so I came here to post it and what do I find but a LOVELY emily shoutout! Also, I thought the storm was awesome (literally..awe inspiring) as well! MMM LOVE! I think I might go out with you guys tomorrow 🙂

  2. Oops! Amy isn’t coming anymore.

    But, as usual, you still seem to have found incredibly creepy and strange pictures for your blog posts. Congratulations.

    I’m just mad that the one of me with the butter cow didn’t make it up…

  3. phenterminehealth insurancedebt consolidationhome equity loans Nice comment.. I ll come back for sure :]

  4. speaking of amazingness. that picture is pure amazingness. i have got to find me some cool friends… : )

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