"Long Gone" by Clothesline Revival

This morning while going rummaging around the house, I found an unopened CD in the drawer where we keep all of our pencils and things like that. It’s called “Long Gone” by a group called Clothesline Revival. From the look of the cover, I thought it would be a folky country band, probably a CD my parents had gotten for free somewhere. I popped it into my laptop to give it a listen, and was shocked at the sounds I found. It’s a mix of 1930’s-era folk recordings (not unlike songs featured on the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack) mixed with electronic and more modern insturmentations. It’s very bizarre, and I think I love it.

Check it out.

One response to “"Long Gone" by Clothesline Revival

  1. yes, im reading through your blog and commenting on everything. yes, i am doing it on a saturday night. yes, i am super cool like that. the cover is a bit bizarre, but the cd sounds pretty cool…dare i say i might limewire them. lol

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