Monthly Archives: August 2006

Things are quiet in the Student Org Suite. I am up early writing an essay about Méliès’s A Trip to the Moon, and Porter’s The Great Train Robbery. The moon haunts my dreams.

I’m going home this weekend, I’m not excited.

Last night the back brakes on my bike went out completely, while I was riding back from campus. I ran into Mike, and he put my bike in his truck and drove me home. What a guy.

Tomorrow I work, and I’m really looking foward to it. I like sitting in my little hut in the middle of lot 6.


Little Miss Sunshine, winter plans

This afternoon, I went up to Toledo to see Little Miss Sunshine with Kyky and Matt. It was one of the most satisfying movies I have ever seen. I was engulfed by the story, and it pulled me all the way through to the ending. I was never bored, I never found a spot where the film could have possibly ended. I loved and believed every character. I don’t think that I have ever laughed until I sobbed for an entire scene. It was a perfect comedy. I can’t think of a single person who would not absolutely love this movie. Best one I’ve seen all year, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it.

It has also come to my attention that I do not have a job lined up for my winter break, and I am thinking of just not finding one. I really should work on saving money to buy my own car. It’s been a long time since I’ve had more than a few days on my hands in which I have had no plans (school, work, camp, etc.) and I would like to take a lazy trip with little to no itinerary to somewhere, and this unemployed winter break seems to be a good time to do this. Kyky, Matt and I discussed this over dinner tonight (at Applebee’s!) and are thinking of heading to the East, possibly seeing Boston, as well as everyone’s favorite (or so it seems to be) city, NYC.

And if you haven’t yet…see Little Miss Sunshine. It’s even worth paying the regular, full-price, night-time, break-your-back, ticket price. See it now.



I watched a pretty amazing storm roll into town today from my post at the Visitor Information Cener. It was pretty cool-looking. It reminded me of how amazing this world is, and that nothing is a mistake. I rode my bike with poor brakes through the drizzle and thought about the general amazing-ness of things in my life.

I also need to see Michelle Eviston, my faithful reader and friend. I have been back for a little over a week, and have set to see her beautiful smiling face, and I’m sick of it.

Also: Amy is coming up to visit me tomorrow. I can’t wait!

A-P-T 14

I am finally moved into my new apartment, and I am very very happy. We are still waiting for Time Warner Cable to bring their truck and charge us way too much money to install our cable and internet (I am currently in the Union) and we all have a few more things to unpack. The rooms are smaller than expected, but it’s cozy.

When checking my email this morning, I got a message from my new Film II teacher. I googled him (because I am creepy…) and found out that he’s from Korea, and has his masters in film and video from RIT, which is very impressive. I was pretty excited about getting a new teacher to complain about, and then I read his nice email. My favorite two lines are as follows:

“Film 2 class is basically a filmmaking class. We will try to create your imaginations, ideas and your vision in this class. Still, you have one week vacation. When you have extra time, please watch movie as many as you can.”

Well, I am off to “watch movie as many as I can.”

The end

Last day at Smith Barney. It’s a good thing, too. Today I made a joke about “Casual Friday,” and I even thought that it was funny. If I didn’t quit soon, I would start reading Dilbert, and understanding the jokes.

It’s weird to think about how this is the last summer I’m spending in Centerville. Hopefully next year I’ll be in Culver City, or somewhere out in southern California. (Although I found an internship in Chicago that I would like, I called the office, and talked to their head producer. She told me to send in my resume, and that she looked forward to hearing from me. Yikes!)

Saturday, my brother and I are going to have a bonding experience, and drive to Athens together for a party at Amy’s new house. Matt might come along.

Sunday is closing day of the fair, which always does a number on my emotions. I’ll probably sit in the dark by myself at the Celeste Center and watch The Sale of Champions, and miss JFB. But nothing tears my heart apart more than driving away from the fairgrounds as fireworks are shot off over I-71.

I’ve also been thinking about what I would do if I saw a UFO, or Bigfoot, or Mothman, or any other paranormal thing. I probably wouldn’t tell anyone. They would think I was crazy. That got me thinking about how many people would do the same as me, and how many could have seen something, but not shared it in order to keep their reputation as a sane person. I really need to stop reading about paranormal sightings on Wikipedia while I’m bored at work.

"Long Gone" by Clothesline Revival

This morning while going rummaging around the house, I found an unopened CD in the drawer where we keep all of our pencils and things like that. It’s called “Long Gone” by a group called Clothesline Revival. From the look of the cover, I thought it would be a folky country band, probably a CD my parents had gotten for free somewhere. I popped it into my laptop to give it a listen, and was shocked at the sounds I found. It’s a mix of 1930’s-era folk recordings (not unlike songs featured on the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack) mixed with electronic and more modern insturmentations. It’s very bizarre, and I think I love it.

Check it out.