This weekend was entry and judging at the Ohio State Fair for the Girl Scouts. If there are two things that changed me most as a person, they are Girl Scouts, and the Ohio State Fair. Needless to say, I was practically in heaven this weekend.

Friday night I saw some past Junior Fair Board members (Seth, Matthew, and April). We had pizza and drank drinks over at April’s house on Lane. It was a fairly enjoyable evening, however the following morning was tough (especially on my stomach.)

Saturday was Entry Day, and for the second year, I was stationed at a check-in table rather than being a project runner. Honestly, I would rather be a runner, I find myself getting too bored otherwise. Michelle House, the Girl Scouts new addition to the Junior Fair Board, helped out at my table, and we gossiped. Michelle and I are very different, but in the last six years, I have really seen our friendship grow in the little time that we get to see each other. I hope that one day Michelle, Megan Cowell and I will become Girl Scout Superintendents at the State Fair… I think that we would be decent replacements for Kay, Shirley and Louise.

Sunday was Judging Day, and surprisingly, it went a lot faster than it usually does. I really really enjoy being a judge for the girls’ projects. I do feel that I am often a little too hard on the creative writing pieces, though. I hope that I am asked back again next year to judge.

Last night was the annual Pre-Fair Trip to Wal-Mart. Michelle and one of the program aides, Sarah, and I explored until we were bored with the superstore, so we sat in an aisle “trying out” dorm furniture, and were generally immature. As usual, it was a good time.

I am very excited for the fair to open. I can’t wait to see what this year’s butter cow looks like. You know…the cow they sculpt from butter every year…?

I la-la-la-love the Ohio State Fair.

Molly is back from Maine, but only for a few days. Tonight the gang is getting together for dinner at Max and Erma’s. I’m excited to see everyone. But I do hate Max and Erma’s. Boo.

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