The Mothman: My Newest Obsession

Sometimes I wonder how I become totally infactuated with such bizzare things, however, my recent obsession: MOTHMAN.

I’ve been reading about the strange 1966 and 1967 sightings a lot during work (last week’s paranormal obsession was with Ohio University’s Ridges). I am planning on renting the 1998 film The Mothman Prophecies and I am also planning on visiting the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, WV.

I also have trouble sleeping at night, and when getting out of my car at night, I check all around, just to make sure that I am not scoped up and taken away by some 7-foot man-insect. My life is scary. While talking about all of the happenings with Michael last night, I think I scared him as well, and he did not let out the dogs, in fear of them being a late-night snack for the Mothman.

So does anyone want to drive to Point Pleasant with me?


One response to “The Mothman: My Newest Obsession

  1. I do! I totally saw that movie and it was skery!

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