Recently I’ve found that although I am a fairly independent person, I need other people around me to cheer me on. I like to cheer them on as well, so I feel that any sort of cheering relationship would be beneficial to both of us. Encouragement is something that I want in my everyday life. I am never asking for anyone to be coaxing me through my daily chores, but a “You’re doing a good job” always does make me feel as if I am doing things right. I recently was talking to an old friend, and she gave me some encouragement about my future. I was telling her about my most recent post-college plan, which now includes getting my masters at Ohio State in teaching. Although she only said “you would make a great teacher,” I felt as if 100 people had just patted my on the back for a choice well-made.

I also Google Image Searched the word “encouragement.” This was my favorite result:

Pigs need encouragement, too.

And here’s another one that I enjoyed a lot:

Seth is safely back in the states after his semester abroad in New Zealand. I haven’t talked to him much about his trip (other than during a few calls I received from him on my birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and a random morning at 9:30AM) He called me yesterday while driving a hay wagon. We chatted for a little while about his recent discovery that his father once dated a girl who later posed for Playboy, and a few other things, mostly about how he is adjusting to driving on the right-hand side of the street once again. My family is going on a short vacation to Toronto (my favorite city!) in a few weeks, and he may come down for a few days to keep my company. I would love that.

The Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars premiere was last night, and it went really well. They got a lot of people to come out (and most of them in formal wear–something unbeknownst to Amy, Matt, Michael and I until we got there in our jeans and t-shirts.) There was popcorn, bananas (get it?), and cake for everyone. I cannot imagine a more perfect premiere for such a fun event. Now I want the first film that I finish to be shown there. Seriously, how fun? Garrett hugged me, thanked me for coming, and promised he would be at my first premiere.

I am also still pretty sure that my only reader is my good friend Michelle. She is so close, yet so far away, and due to inconvenient work schedules, I have not seen her since early May. And I miss her. And for her, I found this gem:

Enjoy, Michelle. Wear your gem sweater!


One response to “Encouragement

  1. Michelle McGem

    You are my favorite. My favorite everything. And for the record, I personally like your “Find me a MAN” plan for post college! (Ok, seriously, the teaching thing sounds really cool! It’s something I’ve never considered for you before but now makes pretty good sense!)

    What are you doing Friday night? Er maybe Sunday afternoon?

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