Weekend, Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars

Weeks have been flying by faster than I can keep track of them. It is almost July 4th (what I always gauge as my halfway point in summer, even if it is not) and my room is still not completely cleaned from the move in the beginning of May. I figure that I’ll just keep everything that is still packed in it’s boxes and crates. Why unpack things that I haven’t needed in two months for just a month? I should, however start doing a good job of cleaning my at home things, and getting rid of things that I haven’t needed, or felt a need to keep in a while. I don’t really see a point in keeping all of the clutter in my room that I’ve had since elementary school if there’s no real reason for it.

Kyle didn’t end up coming on Friday night. He was going to get a really late start, and he would not have been able to stay very long. Matt, Erica, Amy, and I were all very sad. Because we were so sad (and bored) that Kyle was not coming to visit, Matt, Merek and I got some ice cream, then drove to Springfield to visit his family. Their new house is very nice. Matt’s mother had also just picked up a new stray cat, however they cannot keep it, because it is a boy-cat, and they only like to keep girl-cats.

On Saturday, my father and I went to a wedding of an old friend of ours. We met Sasha when I was in first grade, and she was in fifth. We were both members of the Blackfoot tribe in the Kettering nation of the YMCA Indian Princesses program. (The name and a lot of the traditions of this program have since been changed to be more politically correct.) My family has always been good friends with the Harrish’s, but when they moved to Atlanta, we lost touch, until we were invited to Sasha’s wedding. It was good to see the family, as well as the Waterworths, another family we knew from Indian Princesses and Indian Guides (the boys version of this program.)

Saturday night, Amy and Garrett came over, and we all had a few drinks (well Garrett drank a bottle of cheap wine) took a walk, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a very enjoyable time.

Sunday was less eventful, I worked at DSW. This week we are allowed to wear business casual clothing in order to promote sandal sales (???). The store is also being reorganized tonight from 7PM to 7AM, and I know that tonight when I go in, I will be very confused and not be on top of my shoe-selling game. Hopefully I’ll just have a register.

A lot of exciting things are happening this week. Tomorrow night, Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars is being premiered at The Neon Movies. This is an extremely exciting event for us, we started production on this the summer before I left for college, and since then, there has been re-writes, re-shoots, and just total re-dos of pretty much everything on the project. I doubt that any of the original footage will make it into the final cut. Props to Garrett and Steve for finally getting this monster finished. Who would have ever thought it would be finished, let alone premiere at our hometown movie theatre?

Later in the week I am going to Athens to help Amy start to make her new house more homey. And also to have a get-together with her friends in Athens. Unfortunately, the trip will be cut short, because I have to work at DSW on Saturday afternoon.

Until then, I’ll be working a lot, and spending any free time playing in the woods or laying in the sun listening to a number of albums that I’ve recently been in love with.


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