My KyKy is coming to visit tonight! Aiieeeee! I loves me some Kyle.

DSW called to tell me not to come into work tonight. Usually I love when this rare event happens, however this afternoon I am pretty annoyed. This week I only was scheduled for 14 hours to begin with. Oh DSW, how I loathe you. At least that’s more KyKyTime.
The Scanned Document Viewer here at the office has been quite temperamental today, and I want to put my fist through the screen. Mimi (my nickname for her) is pushing the limits of the dress code once again this afternoon. She is wearing a short khaki skirt, white t-shirt, brown flip-flops, and a blazer. She wears a very similar outfit to this one every Friday, which like in many offices, is casual Friday. Even with her summery attire, she still decides every morning that it is a good idea to cake on enough makeup to supply a circus. A few weeks ago, I heard one of the brokers in the office say to her “Is this casual Friday or vacation?” I promptly peed my pants.

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