Lately I have been feeling much more like an adult than I have in the past. I have hardly felt older…just more mature. While I still am not able to support myself (mostly because of my compulsive spending habits and addiction to Chipotle) and have no clue about investing, and rarely read the newspaper (things that I assume that all adults do) I do feel that I have matured. Lately I have also had urges to spend more time in the woods. I believe this comes from being cooped up in an office or at the mall all day.

Matt, Daniel and I got some lunch yesterday afternoon, went to Second Time Around, and then spent quite a bit of time at Hout Stream, a beautiful area in Oakwood. I got to do my favorite thing: walk through the water, but I wish that I had brought my boots rather than wearing my sandals. We also saw a beautiful deer walking through the water. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Michael and I watched John Waters’ A Dirty Shame while it rained later in the afternoon. Tracy Ulman cracks me up, and I was estatic to see her staring in such a ridiclous movie. I adore John Waters, espeically the overacting in all of his movies. I have contimplated running away to Baltimore in hopes of meeting people similar to the characters in his movies, but because I have no money, and know no one in the city, I have decided it is not a good idea at this point in my life.

Tomorrow night, Amy, Nichole, Valerie, and I are getting together for dinner at LaRosas, our favorite pizza place. I have seen Nichole and Val only once so far this summer, so I am looking foward to our little reunion.
A woman called here this morning asking if we were an investment firm (which we are.) She said that earlier in the day she had gotten a wrong number call from someone trying to get in touch with our office, and took it as a sign that she needed to call. She is getting some money from a car settlement in a few weeks, and was not sure what to do with her newly obtained cash. When she got the call from the nameless stranger, she asked our number, and she gave us a call. I liked that little story.

One response to “Adult?

  1. I don’t know about investing either, although I’d have to say investing in a quality burrito seems sensible to me.

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