Kweller sings Brooks

This sounds familiar:

The Ben Kweller show on Friday night was outstanding. He played all of my favorite songs (well, other than “Cally”) and did some fun covers, too (“Friends in Low Places” and “God Only Knows.”) Meg, Marie, Candice, Erin and her friends and I were all rocking out, and no one else was. Apparently, standing around with your bangs in your face is cooler than enjoying yourself at a concert. Oh well. In between sets, “Born to Run” was played, and we all danced and sang and were obnoxious like it was our job. And on Friday night, it was our job.

In other news, I sort of have a new job as a camp councilor for a week in July at a Girl Scout program being held in Athens. I’m very very excited about this. It’s a social entrepreneurship program aimed at girls in rural communities, and this is the pilot program. I found out that I will get paid, but honestly, getting to leave the ‘burbs and spend a week in the foothills of the Appalachians with other Girl Scouts is all the payment I could possibly want. I also found out that the stipend I’ll be getting is actually more than I will get if I was working here at home. So that’s good.

I only work at the office two days this week, and two days at DSW. My hours are way down, but that gives me more time to explore, even if I am just exploring the area where I was born and raised. Yay summer!

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