Michelle Love!

I had to be into work this morning 45 minutes early to cover the phones during today’s staff meeting. It’s nice, no one is in the office, and I can listen to music.

I also came across this very entertaining website: TomCruiseisNuts.com

I would also like to take time to say hello to Michelle Eviston, who is apparently the only person who reads my blog. I adore her comments she leaves. She is amazing.

Also, starting yesterday, my hours have been cut here at the office, and my workload has been drastically cut as well. I’m not complaining!


2 responses to “Michelle Love!

  1. Yay for funny websites I can read at work.


  2. oh my goodness! This wasn’t up here earlier! You are way too sneaky miss emily b!

    and YOU are the amazing one for always brightening my workday!

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