Self haircut…again.

I had sworn off doing it. I had told myself no more. After last time, I decided that I would never do it again. I really should know better, but I did it again: this afternoon, I gave myself a haircut. Cutting our own hair is something that we have all done at some point or another. Some people even master it and don’t even bother paying a hair stylist. Sure, I’ve done it plenty of times, starting at about age 4. In elementary school, bangs went out for a while, and I impatiently took things into my own hands, and cut my bangs off. Later, when bangs were once again the in style, I gave them to myself again. For a few years, I did not cut my own hair, I left that to the professionals, but in eighth grade, I gave myself another cut, and once again had a terrible, awkward haircut. This was repeated once again during my freshmen year of college, when, after seeing Paris Hilton on TV with bangs, I gave myself a fringe of my own. Self style hasn’t always stopped at cutting for me, I have also convinced myself that having my hair dyed by a professional is a waste of time and money, and done dye jobs myself. This includes the tiger striped high lights in ninth grade, and the Red Scare of 2005, when I bought a shade that was a tad too red. (And missed some spots that remained my natural light brown color.) My most current hair style includes blunt bangs that do not exactly frame my face well. But I can’t blame myself for this. After watching two great bang movies (The Notorious Bettie Page and Winter Passing), and having the day off from work, as well as a pair of scissors in the bathroom drawer, it was only a matter of time before I took shears to my hair.

The new Regina Spektor CD is finally out, and I love it. There’s not really much that I have to say as of now, other than: I love it. “Fidelity,”
“Better” and “Summer in the City” were all released on iTunes a while back, so I had a sneak preview of the album. She also has a faster verion of “Samson,” one of my favorite songs by her. This verion also has a stings section (!!!) that is subtle yet noticeable, and makes me feel warm inside. It’s really fantastic. Matt was paricularly excited about “Apres Moi,” a thick, rich song in that Regina sings in Russian. The entire album is very pretty.

At a loss of what to do on my day off, I dragged Matt to Grant Nature for a little hike in the woods. We had a very short but enjoyable walk, and I even got to walk in the creek (my favorite!) The water was clear and cool. I wish we could have stayed longer, but Matt had to work. Now it really is starting to feel like summer.


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