Austin, Regina’s new vid

I’m thinking of tripping down to Austin, Texas. I have never been there, but have only heard good things. I have cousins near Dallas, who have a lake house that is just three hours from there. A visit to them may be in order as well. Tomorrow during work, I’m going to work on a route. I may wait to take this trip until winter break because of how hot the summers in Texas are…but maybe not.

Other than that…I have almost a whole week off from DSW, and it’s going to be nice. My hours in the office get cut in half next week, now I can spend time down at Ceasar’s Creek.

Regina Spetkor put her video for “Samson” on her myspace page today. Once again, Regina’s video features my favorite type of animation: stop motion. Her video for “Us,” another of my favorite Regina songs, uses it quite nicely. “Samson” is one of my favorite of her songs, and on her upcoming album, she has remade it, and it is possibly even more beautiful than before. Here it is, please enjoy:

Get this video and more at


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