Customer harassment, Outbacks

Michael’s graduation was this weekend, it was long. We celebrated by having dinner at Figilo’s, and then there was a celebratory campfire, featuring a wide variety of guests.

DSW has gone crazy for customer service lately, and we have a new sales strategy: dressing in business casual clothing, walk around and talk to customers. Not just “Hi, how are you today?” or a simple “Did you need help with anything?” but starting conversations with the unprepared shoe shoppers. Frankly, if I was shopping for shoes and someone approached me in business clothing wanting to know things about my personal life, I would get scared, and possibly aggressive.

So, lately, I have been searching to find a car to buy (well, pay for most of. I am still a poor college student.) I’m looking to buy a Subaru Outback Sport, circa 1996 or later.

While visiting Amy, I found one in Athens for only $4,300, however my mother was not keen on the idea of buying a car that is two hours away (never mind that it was in my price range, had all of the requirements I was looking for, and we have yet to find one in the Dayton area.) I have also found an Outback (Legacy, not Sport) in Bowling Green through the myBGSU service, but again, my mother has ignored me whilst telling her about the automobile. If anyone knows where I could get one of these, please clue me in!

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