Michael Bevens: High School Graduate

My brother, Michael is graduating from high school tomorrow afternoon. I have the day off in celebration. I hate to be bitter, but he is the favorite child. I do get to see all of my cousins, though, and I am excited about that.

In honor of Michael’s high school graduation, I am buying myself a digital camera today with this week’s DSW paycheck. I don’t know how I convinced myself that was good reasoning.

Also in honor of Michael’s graduation, here is a photo of me on my high school graduation. Somehow, I got lined up next to none other than Miss Hillary Bennett. We were infamous in advisory for talking during morning announcements, Channel 1 News, and at any other point when talking was not allowed. We are being followed closely by my friends Julia and Ross. Oh high school.

Since Michael is graduating, my grandmother, Bernice, on my mother’s side has come for a visit. As usual, she is driving us all insane, especially my mother. Yesterday while we were at work, Bernice decided that all of the trees in the backyard needed a trim. She somehow rounded up the woman from across the street to help her with this insane project, and a few hours later, our best shade tree had been brutally hacked, as well as our sugar maple. Our once shady (and almost completely private deck can be seen from our neighbors yard–and the road behind the house–once again. Thanks, Gram. Don’t get me wrong, she’s my grandmother, and I love her, but she’s insane.


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