Administration Wonderland, new lifeplan, movies

I’m really liking this job. (At Smith-Barney) And as anti-climatic (I think that’s what I mean to say) as it would be, I wouldn’t mind doing this sort of work for the rest of my life.

It is come to my attention that Columbus is the third largest market for corporate video in the United States. Upon finding that little tidbit out, I have really started to rethink my previous lifeplanB (lifeplanA was getting married and letting that take me where ever…) As of two weeks ago, this was lifeplanB (as written for my DSW scholarship application):

“After graduation, my plan is to stay in the Dayton area for about a year,
to work and save money to make the move to LA. My goal is to move to
California and establish myself first as a script supervisor, work my way up
to the position of unit production manager, and finally producer.
While my ultimate professional goal is to write and direct, at this stage in
my life, I do not think that I will be completely ready to have total control
over my own productions.
Once established in LA, I would like to move back east, where my family is,
and also where there are four seasons. Toronto or Chicago are the cities that
I would most like to live and work in, freelancing as a writer and director on
smaller scale projects and “indie flicks,” while hopefully settling down to raise
a family.
Accomplishing these smaller goals will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal:
All of that is fine and dandy, but I may just stay in my beloved OH-IO for a little longer, working on lame instructional videos and training tutorials. There may not be much art to it, but I will be on a set, and that set with be in the Midwest, so really, there is nothing more I could ask for. I guess time will be the only true teller of what is going to happen in the future department. DSW corporate offices are also located in Columbus, and I could always get a job in the data entry department and continue to receiveve my 30% discount on all of the latest styles.
I’m thinking of buying a new digital camera. I broke mine more than a year and a half ago, and I have been using Mark’s since then. I really have no reason for one, other than liking to take pictures of my friends and family, but I think that since I’m making so much extra money these days, it would be okay to buy a new one.
Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette got some pretty terrible reviews at Cannes, but I am still fairly excited to see it. I think that the trailer looks excellent (not that one can judge a movie from the trailer). Being a Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst superfan just adds to the appeal of this movie. I loved The Virgin Suicides (both the book and the movie) and I was a fan of Lost in Translation, so I don’t think that the film will be TERRIBLE. I wonder sometimes if she gets so much crap from critics just because of her bloodline. Poor, poor Sophia.

Speaking of Jason Schwartzman… I finished Shopgirl by Steve Martin not too long ago. It was a very quick and extremely enjoyable read. I probably would not have picked up the novela if I had not seen the movie in early Spring with Daniel. I enjoyed the movie as well. I was really surprised that it did not get much press, because it was well deserving of it. Cheaper by the Dozen 2 must have been more marketable for Stevesy. I had not seen Claire Danes in anything recently (other than The Family Stone, which I totally forgot she was in) but I was just really impressed with her performance. She really played Mirabelle very well, and I don’t know who else would have played her; the part (in the book) described her almost perfectly. I’m glad that Steve Martin did not decide to try his hand at directing…I find most actors who write, direct, and star in their own flicks to be sort of lame. (But I loved That Thing You Do!) Sun Kil Moon’s music is featured in the film, including one of my personal favorite songs, “Carry Me Ohio.” Anyway, go read Shopgirl. Then rent it. Or the other way around, it doesn’t matter much.


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