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Today I talked to the lady who’s in charge of the Girl Zone camp, and I got the position as a coulselor! I am this excited:

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For the record, I found this in with a bunch of photos from last school year.

But that’s how excited I am.


Recently I’ve found that although I am a fairly independent person, I need other people around me to cheer me on. I like to cheer them on as well, so I feel that any sort of cheering relationship would be beneficial to both of us. Encouragement is something that I want in my everyday life. I am never asking for anyone to be coaxing me through my daily chores, but a “You’re doing a good job” always does make me feel as if I am doing things right. I recently was talking to an old friend, and she gave me some encouragement about my future. I was telling her about my most recent post-college plan, which now includes getting my masters at Ohio State in teaching. Although she only said “you would make a great teacher,” I felt as if 100 people had just patted my on the back for a choice well-made.

I also Google Image Searched the word “encouragement.” This was my favorite result:

Pigs need encouragement, too.

And here’s another one that I enjoyed a lot:

Seth is safely back in the states after his semester abroad in New Zealand. I haven’t talked to him much about his trip (other than during a few calls I received from him on my birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and a random morning at 9:30AM) He called me yesterday while driving a hay wagon. We chatted for a little while about his recent discovery that his father once dated a girl who later posed for Playboy, and a few other things, mostly about how he is adjusting to driving on the right-hand side of the street once again. My family is going on a short vacation to Toronto (my favorite city!) in a few weeks, and he may come down for a few days to keep my company. I would love that.

The Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars premiere was last night, and it went really well. They got a lot of people to come out (and most of them in formal wear–something unbeknownst to Amy, Matt, Michael and I until we got there in our jeans and t-shirts.) There was popcorn, bananas (get it?), and cake for everyone. I cannot imagine a more perfect premiere for such a fun event. Now I want the first film that I finish to be shown there. Seriously, how fun? Garrett hugged me, thanked me for coming, and promised he would be at my first premiere.

I am also still pretty sure that my only reader is my good friend Michelle. She is so close, yet so far away, and due to inconvenient work schedules, I have not seen her since early May. And I miss her. And for her, I found this gem:

Enjoy, Michelle. Wear your gem sweater!

Weekend, Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars

Weeks have been flying by faster than I can keep track of them. It is almost July 4th (what I always gauge as my halfway point in summer, even if it is not) and my room is still not completely cleaned from the move in the beginning of May. I figure that I’ll just keep everything that is still packed in it’s boxes and crates. Why unpack things that I haven’t needed in two months for just a month? I should, however start doing a good job of cleaning my at home things, and getting rid of things that I haven’t needed, or felt a need to keep in a while. I don’t really see a point in keeping all of the clutter in my room that I’ve had since elementary school if there’s no real reason for it.

Kyle didn’t end up coming on Friday night. He was going to get a really late start, and he would not have been able to stay very long. Matt, Erica, Amy, and I were all very sad. Because we were so sad (and bored) that Kyle was not coming to visit, Matt, Merek and I got some ice cream, then drove to Springfield to visit his family. Their new house is very nice. Matt’s mother had also just picked up a new stray cat, however they cannot keep it, because it is a boy-cat, and they only like to keep girl-cats.

On Saturday, my father and I went to a wedding of an old friend of ours. We met Sasha when I was in first grade, and she was in fifth. We were both members of the Blackfoot tribe in the Kettering nation of the YMCA Indian Princesses program. (The name and a lot of the traditions of this program have since been changed to be more politically correct.) My family has always been good friends with the Harrish’s, but when they moved to Atlanta, we lost touch, until we were invited to Sasha’s wedding. It was good to see the family, as well as the Waterworths, another family we knew from Indian Princesses and Indian Guides (the boys version of this program.)

Saturday night, Amy and Garrett came over, and we all had a few drinks (well Garrett drank a bottle of cheap wine) took a walk, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a very enjoyable time.

Sunday was less eventful, I worked at DSW. This week we are allowed to wear business casual clothing in order to promote sandal sales (???). The store is also being reorganized tonight from 7PM to 7AM, and I know that tonight when I go in, I will be very confused and not be on top of my shoe-selling game. Hopefully I’ll just have a register.

A lot of exciting things are happening this week. Tomorrow night, Attack of the Communist Gorilla from Mars is being premiered at The Neon Movies. This is an extremely exciting event for us, we started production on this the summer before I left for college, and since then, there has been re-writes, re-shoots, and just total re-dos of pretty much everything on the project. I doubt that any of the original footage will make it into the final cut. Props to Garrett and Steve for finally getting this monster finished. Who would have ever thought it would be finished, let alone premiere at our hometown movie theatre?

Later in the week I am going to Athens to help Amy start to make her new house more homey. And also to have a get-together with her friends in Athens. Unfortunately, the trip will be cut short, because I have to work at DSW on Saturday afternoon.

Until then, I’ll be working a lot, and spending any free time playing in the woods or laying in the sun listening to a number of albums that I’ve recently been in love with.


My KyKy is coming to visit tonight! Aiieeeee! I loves me some Kyle.

DSW called to tell me not to come into work tonight. Usually I love when this rare event happens, however this afternoon I am pretty annoyed. This week I only was scheduled for 14 hours to begin with. Oh DSW, how I loathe you. At least that’s more KyKyTime.
The Scanned Document Viewer here at the office has been quite temperamental today, and I want to put my fist through the screen. Mimi (my nickname for her) is pushing the limits of the dress code once again this afternoon. She is wearing a short khaki skirt, white t-shirt, brown flip-flops, and a blazer. She wears a very similar outfit to this one every Friday, which like in many offices, is casual Friday. Even with her summery attire, she still decides every morning that it is a good idea to cake on enough makeup to supply a circus. A few weeks ago, I heard one of the brokers in the office say to her “Is this casual Friday or vacation?” I promptly peed my pants.


Lately I have been feeling much more like an adult than I have in the past. I have hardly felt older…just more mature. While I still am not able to support myself (mostly because of my compulsive spending habits and addiction to Chipotle) and have no clue about investing, and rarely read the newspaper (things that I assume that all adults do) I do feel that I have matured. Lately I have also had urges to spend more time in the woods. I believe this comes from being cooped up in an office or at the mall all day.

Matt, Daniel and I got some lunch yesterday afternoon, went to Second Time Around, and then spent quite a bit of time at Hout Stream, a beautiful area in Oakwood. I got to do my favorite thing: walk through the water, but I wish that I had brought my boots rather than wearing my sandals. We also saw a beautiful deer walking through the water. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Michael and I watched John Waters’ A Dirty Shame while it rained later in the afternoon. Tracy Ulman cracks me up, and I was estatic to see her staring in such a ridiclous movie. I adore John Waters, espeically the overacting in all of his movies. I have contimplated running away to Baltimore in hopes of meeting people similar to the characters in his movies, but because I have no money, and know no one in the city, I have decided it is not a good idea at this point in my life.

Tomorrow night, Amy, Nichole, Valerie, and I are getting together for dinner at LaRosas, our favorite pizza place. I have seen Nichole and Val only once so far this summer, so I am looking foward to our little reunion.
A woman called here this morning asking if we were an investment firm (which we are.) She said that earlier in the day she had gotten a wrong number call from someone trying to get in touch with our office, and took it as a sign that she needed to call. She is getting some money from a car settlement in a few weeks, and was not sure what to do with her newly obtained cash. When she got the call from the nameless stranger, she asked our number, and she gave us a call. I liked that little story.

Kweller sings Brooks

This sounds familiar:

The Ben Kweller show on Friday night was outstanding. He played all of my favorite songs (well, other than “Cally”) and did some fun covers, too (“Friends in Low Places” and “God Only Knows.”) Meg, Marie, Candice, Erin and her friends and I were all rocking out, and no one else was. Apparently, standing around with your bangs in your face is cooler than enjoying yourself at a concert. Oh well. In between sets, “Born to Run” was played, and we all danced and sang and were obnoxious like it was our job. And on Friday night, it was our job.

In other news, I sort of have a new job as a camp councilor for a week in July at a Girl Scout program being held in Athens. I’m very very excited about this. It’s a social entrepreneurship program aimed at girls in rural communities, and this is the pilot program. I found out that I will get paid, but honestly, getting to leave the ‘burbs and spend a week in the foothills of the Appalachians with other Girl Scouts is all the payment I could possibly want. I also found out that the stipend I’ll be getting is actually more than I will get if I was working here at home. So that’s good.

I only work at the office two days this week, and two days at DSW. My hours are way down, but that gives me more time to explore, even if I am just exploring the area where I was born and raised. Yay summer!

Michelle Love!

I had to be into work this morning 45 minutes early to cover the phones during today’s staff meeting. It’s nice, no one is in the office, and I can listen to music.

I also came across this very entertaining website:

I would also like to take time to say hello to Michelle Eviston, who is apparently the only person who reads my blog. I adore her comments she leaves. She is amazing.

Also, starting yesterday, my hours have been cut here at the office, and my workload has been drastically cut as well. I’m not complaining!

Self haircut…again.

I had sworn off doing it. I had told myself no more. After last time, I decided that I would never do it again. I really should know better, but I did it again: this afternoon, I gave myself a haircut. Cutting our own hair is something that we have all done at some point or another. Some people even master it and don’t even bother paying a hair stylist. Sure, I’ve done it plenty of times, starting at about age 4. In elementary school, bangs went out for a while, and I impatiently took things into my own hands, and cut my bangs off. Later, when bangs were once again the in style, I gave them to myself again. For a few years, I did not cut my own hair, I left that to the professionals, but in eighth grade, I gave myself another cut, and once again had a terrible, awkward haircut. This was repeated once again during my freshmen year of college, when, after seeing Paris Hilton on TV with bangs, I gave myself a fringe of my own. Self style hasn’t always stopped at cutting for me, I have also convinced myself that having my hair dyed by a professional is a waste of time and money, and done dye jobs myself. This includes the tiger striped high lights in ninth grade, and the Red Scare of 2005, when I bought a shade that was a tad too red. (And missed some spots that remained my natural light brown color.) My most current hair style includes blunt bangs that do not exactly frame my face well. But I can’t blame myself for this. After watching two great bang movies (The Notorious Bettie Page and Winter Passing), and having the day off from work, as well as a pair of scissors in the bathroom drawer, it was only a matter of time before I took shears to my hair.

The new Regina Spektor CD is finally out, and I love it. There’s not really much that I have to say as of now, other than: I love it. “Fidelity,”
“Better” and “Summer in the City” were all released on iTunes a while back, so I had a sneak preview of the album. She also has a faster verion of “Samson,” one of my favorite songs by her. This verion also has a stings section (!!!) that is subtle yet noticeable, and makes me feel warm inside. It’s really fantastic. Matt was paricularly excited about “Apres Moi,” a thick, rich song in that Regina sings in Russian. The entire album is very pretty.

At a loss of what to do on my day off, I dragged Matt to Grant Nature for a little hike in the woods. We had a very short but enjoyable walk, and I even got to walk in the creek (my favorite!) The water was clear and cool. I wish we could have stayed longer, but Matt had to work. Now it really is starting to feel like summer.

BK baby

It’s been a fairly busy day at the office this morning, but it’s finally lunch time, and everything slows down to a snail’s pace. Been 11:30 and 1:30 the office is usually fairly empty, and there’s not a lot of work for me to do. There are rarely any phone calls I have to worry about, either.

DSW somehow got all my my hours mixed up, so I’m only working on Saturday this week.

On Friday I’m headed up to Cleveland to see one of my all-time favorites: Ben Kweller. Marie, Megan and Candice are all seeing him for the first time, but I am seeing him for the third. He really puts on a great little show. This time, it’s at The House of Blues, and it’s apparently a special acousitic set. I am very, very excited. I really hope that he will have his piano there as well as a guitar (his piano songs are my absolute favorite!) and I really hope that he plays “In Other Words.” His new album is due out in September, and I am really looking foward to it. While On My Way was not as good as Sha Sha, I am really hoping that this new one has some delight little gems on it.

In other news of my favorite artists, Regina Spektor, has a new album out tomorrow. I am extremely excited about this as well. In short, this is going to be a good week for me.

Austin, Regina’s new vid

I’m thinking of tripping down to Austin, Texas. I have never been there, but have only heard good things. I have cousins near Dallas, who have a lake house that is just three hours from there. A visit to them may be in order as well. Tomorrow during work, I’m going to work on a route. I may wait to take this trip until winter break because of how hot the summers in Texas are…but maybe not.

Other than that…I have almost a whole week off from DSW, and it’s going to be nice. My hours in the office get cut in half next week, now I can spend time down at Ceasar’s Creek.

Regina Spetkor put her video for “Samson” on her myspace page today. Once again, Regina’s video features my favorite type of animation: stop motion. Her video for “Us,” another of my favorite Regina songs, uses it quite nicely. “Samson” is one of my favorite of her songs, and on her upcoming album, she has remade it, and it is possibly even more beautiful than before. Here it is, please enjoy:

Get this video and more at