Lazy eye, lazy bones

It’s Friday, and really I could care less. Fridays are really only excited for people who get their weekends off. I, on the other hand, do not. Also, my eyes have decided to give me a kick me in the rear this morning and decided to stop working in my right eye. I’m not sure exactly why or this happens, but every once in a while, my eyes just stop working. It’s fun!

In better news, I found out yesterday afternoon that I got a scholarship from DSW. I’m glad that after working there for three years (and four summers) now is finally paying off. (That is a lie, DSW has been nothing but wonderfully with me with all of my moving between BG and Dayton.) I do feel a bit bad, but if my eyes do not get better this afternoon, I am going to call off. Who can drive without their right eye, right? (especially since when my good eye is the one that isn’t working.)

While I might seem much more crabby than I am this morning, I really don’t have a lot to complain about (other than my right eye., and it’s about 100,000 degrees in this office this morning) I have become obsessed with a few albums recently.

Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins is simply an excellent album. Her music sounds like something from a different time and place, but is still wildly hip. This record is really one that is able to stand against time, and no matter if it was 1950, or today, the exact time in which this was recorded is hard to know without reading the jewel case. I know very few people who wouldn’t like this CD, and almost no one who would hate it. While listening, I feel a nostalgic feeling for a time and place that never was in my own life, but I feel I belong just the same. Anyway, this is a really great album. So listen to it, whoever is reading…
In other news, I think I am going to call off work, citing my terrible ambliopia in why I can’t come in and sell shoes. Also, Farren just quit today at DSW. Employees are really dropping like flies. This is a mixed blessing, because I will now get more hours at the shoe store, which mean more spending money for my impulsive trips to Target!

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    I love you like mad.

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