Monthly Archives: May 2006

Working at the shoe store really put a damper on Memorial Day weekend. I can’t complain much, though. The last customer left at 8:50, and we all clocked out at 10:05. So yay! Amy was in town for a few days, and we spent a little time together. I am more than ready for her to come home for the summer, so we can spend long days together, doing whatever we feel like.

Today I don’t have to go into the shoe store, so I think since I won’t be making money, I should spend some. I’m planning on buying a new digital camera. For the last year and a half, I’ve been using Mark’s, since breaking mine a few weeks into my freshmen year. (Rocking chair incident. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Lazy eye, lazy bones

It’s Friday, and really I could care less. Fridays are really only excited for people who get their weekends off. I, on the other hand, do not. Also, my eyes have decided to give me a kick me in the rear this morning and decided to stop working in my right eye. I’m not sure exactly why or this happens, but every once in a while, my eyes just stop working. It’s fun!

In better news, I found out yesterday afternoon that I got a scholarship from DSW. I’m glad that after working there for three years (and four summers) now is finally paying off. (That is a lie, DSW has been nothing but wonderfully with me with all of my moving between BG and Dayton.) I do feel a bit bad, but if my eyes do not get better this afternoon, I am going to call off. Who can drive without their right eye, right? (especially since when my good eye is the one that isn’t working.)

While I might seem much more crabby than I am this morning, I really don’t have a lot to complain about (other than my right eye., and it’s about 100,000 degrees in this office this morning) I have become obsessed with a few albums recently.

Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins is simply an excellent album. Her music sounds like something from a different time and place, but is still wildly hip. This record is really one that is able to stand against time, and no matter if it was 1950, or today, the exact time in which this was recorded is hard to know without reading the jewel case. I know very few people who wouldn’t like this CD, and almost no one who would hate it. While listening, I feel a nostalgic feeling for a time and place that never was in my own life, but I feel I belong just the same. Anyway, this is a really great album. So listen to it, whoever is reading…
In other news, I think I am going to call off work, citing my terrible ambliopia in why I can’t come in and sell shoes. Also, Farren just quit today at DSW. Employees are really dropping like flies. This is a mixed blessing, because I will now get more hours at the shoe store, which mean more spending money for my impulsive trips to Target!

how i’ve kept myself busy in the past six or so months

It’s been about six months since I’ve updated on here. There’s no real reason for it, other than sometimes I forget that this little blog has been set up for me.

The second semester of my sophomore year went fairly well. Actually, it went really well, with the exception of the 2006 BGSU Film and Media Festival, which in many ways was a big failure. I didn’t drink as much. I turned 20. I kept up with school and for the most part, with UFO. I got a lot closer to people. I made friends from people who were previously my adversaries. Matt and I went to Louisville and saw two of my all-time favorite bands: Belle & Sebastian and the New Pornographers. There was a prom-themed party at Chuck’s apartment, and it really was a blast. We all looked trashy as all hell, but we all felt like hundreds of millions of dollars. Marie and I never finished our goal for the year, which was covering all of our empty wall space with magazine cut-outs, but we came close. Taking them down was as fun as putting them all up. The futon (that somehow lasted two years) was left in the Rodger’s courtyard in the middle of the night. Marie, Megan, Candice and I listened to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” and hugged, and my sophomore year of college was over. I made the Dean’s List again, and have almost fully recovered from the grade disaster that was Spring 2005 semester. I am now halfway done with college, and it is bitter-sweet.

This is one of my last summers home, and I am enjoying myself. I work an office job now; one that my mother kindly arranged for me. I also am (still) working at DSW Dayton Mall, where everyday I want to quit a little bit more than the previous day. Jeff is gone, Katie is gone (that is old news, she was transferred last summer, but now no longer works for the company) Jeremy is gone (not that I miss him terribly) and by fall, there will be an almost entirely new staff. The work isn’t bad–it’s not hard at all, but I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. I actually know how much longer I can stand it: to at least the end of the summer. By fall, I am buying a car. Matt has moved in with us, and is, like my father calls him, The Guy Who Lives in the Basement. Things between us are going well, although we often times have small tiffs about who gets the TV remote. He usually wins, and I sit intently and watch with him.

A few things I am looking forward to this summer:
-Seeing Ben Kweller (for the third time) in Cleveland with Marie, Megan, and Candice
-Seth will be back in the US, and hopefully visiting Dayton again
-Camping with the remainder of my ole’ Girl Scout Troop
-Fourth of July, Centerville style, complete with the Americana Festival and fireworks at CHS
-Ohio State Fair
-Trip to Cleveland toward the end of the summer to blow lots of cash at Urban Outfitters with Marie, Meg, and Candice
-General merriness

Even though I am only three weeks into my summer, I know that I will not want to go back to school in the fall. There really is no reason for that: 1) I am living with three of my best friends in an apartment, 2) I will no longer have to wear the uncomfortable black and white DSW uniform everyday, 3) I am taking many classes that I think I will enjoy a lot, 4) I will once again get to see my school friends on a daily basis, 5) I love the city of Bowling Green, along with the BGSU campus, and when I’m there, I’m a happy panda.

To whomever may be reading this blog:
Please leave me messages full of encouragement, wisdom, or just letting me know that you are out there. Thank you phantom bloggers!